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What Is Your Highest Path and Purpose?’ is for you if you can’t answer:

  • Do you know EXACTLY what your highest path and purpose is?
  • How can you use your experiences to help others?
  • What do you want to achieve in this lifetime?
  • How are you going to express this in the world?
  • Have you heard the clarion call deep within but don’t know what to do?
  • Are you ready to rediscover all that life truly has to offer on a deeper more inspiring level?

You can’t stand up, stand out and make a difference and stay in your comfort zone. It’s as simple as that.

You have to continue to level up.

…Or are you going to keep making up reasons why you can’t do what you incarnated here, on planet Earth to do?

At the end of this presentation I give ‘Five Signs that you are being shown your highest path and purpose’ to help you.

Give yourself this gift – a unique opportunity to learn to live your life on purpose! Imagine how transformative this could be for you!

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Here is the script, yes I do go off occasionally but if you would prefer to read this is for you!


I’m Debra Reeves from The SoulFull Sister Revolution.

Please say hi so I know you’re here – post in the comments and say where in the world you are…It’s always exciting to see so many likeminded women coming together from all over the world with a shared vision and a genuine desire to do more and be more in order to impact the words in the most real and positive ways.

At the end of this presentation I am going to offer you a space to ask questions and I’ll have a ‘Five Signs that you are being shown your highest path and purpose’ for you. This is an interactive talk so I ask you to comment and ask questions throughout.

Please switch off your phone and shut down any other browsers. Ask your partner to look after the kids. And really focus on this live event.

In this live event I’m going to share information that was absolutely life changing for me. I hope it is going to be as profound for you!

How does that sound? Post in the comments and tell me how that sounds…post “I am ready!”

I am going to give you as much value as I can in this live event. But there’s only so much I can give you. If you would like to understand how this can help you personally, if you’re ready to really dive deep into this content in a real and meaningful way for YOU then please stay til the end of this live event.

At the end of this live event I am giving you ‘Five Signs that you are being shown your highest path and purpose’.

If these resonate and you really feel called to live your life on purpose I will invite you to have a free 15 minute Propel Yourself call with me.

Yes that’s right! Have a free 15 minute Propel Yourself call with me. If you’re keen then post in the comments “I’m in!” so I know who is super committed to really ignite your highest path and purpose!

So first, a bit about me…

I’m Debra Reeves from The SoulFull Sister Revolution. For those who don’t know me and I am from New Zealand but I’ve lived 18 years on the heart shaped island of Tasmania, sitting between Australia and the south of the South Island of New Zealand (exactly where I’m from).

My hubby and I live in the center of Hobart on 900sqm with our 3 sons, 2 dogs, 2 cats and bunny Coco Lily Pops. But more about me later.

I fell into the weird and wonderful world of Spirit. In my final year of university when I was 20 I moved into a share house with four housemates and a very active and very scary poltergeist. She would slam doors so the whole house shook, move things on the mantle piece, pinch you and billow wall hangings. Everyone felt her or saw her so there was no doubt she existed.

This rather intrusive poltergeist proved the incontrovertible existence of the spirit realm for me. This experience threw open the doors to the spirit realm and made all of Spirit feel accessible. I began, slowly but surely, exploring the infinite possibilities open to us in Spirit.

And life has never been the same since!

I followed this up with five years travelling through Asia and the Near East.

By night I was doing Spirit Rescue Work. Each night I would go to bed and I would literally have a line up of earthbound spirits, deceased loved ones, souls who knew that I could see them – word had got around!

They would come and they would sit on my bed and say “What’s going on? Why can’t anyone see me? Why is no one talking to me? And who are these people living in my house?!” They were lost, they were confused, and a lot of them were frustrated. So it was like becoming a therapist and really helping them to understand what had happened to them so that they could cross over into the light.

By the time I was 27 I had studied Usui Reiki to Master Level, Spiritual Healing, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Traditional Thai massage (northern style) and Vipasana Meditation. My spirit guides became my greatest source of guidance, support and inspiration. I am so grateful to them!

When I left a lucrative teaching job in Japan I knew I was turning away from a good, secure income but it was destroying me on the inside so I had no choice. I remember doing a little delving with a spirit guide around this time, prying into my future. I remember asking about my career, what job I was best suited to and what it would lead to.

Her answers were more perplexing than satisfying. It was as if this line of questioning was boring her – she was so brief and blasé in her responses.

She told me it didn’t really matter what I did: that I would work in many jobs and that I wouldn’t start my calling until I was 40 years old. This was when I was in my mid 20’s, so 40’s sounded ancient to me!!

I laugh now thinking back to that conversation – it’s all true! In the years that followed I found myself selling Indian jewellery in the Greek isles, a sales executive for an English language magazine in Cairo and, after more stints teaching English, I became a civil marriage celebrant, a hospice volunteer (speaking to people diagnosed with terminal cancer) and finally what I do now as a professional intuitive.

I have been a jack of all trades but, combined with all the nocturnal spirit work, I have been inadvertently training for my ultimate career without ever realising.

Now I look back at my life it’s all so obviously drawn to what I am doing now as a professional intuitive. It wasn’t until I studied the Akashic Records that my life made sense.

So is this you? Do you have the passion and drive to Live Your Life On Purpose but you don’t know how to?

Use the chat box to answer…

Here are the No.1 problems that are impacting most women right now:

  1. Feeling numb, dead inside: a spectator in your own life.
  2. Feeling like there’s something missing in their life: aware they are not living their full purpose.
  3. Feeling powerless to change their life.
  4. Struggling to know what they want, not sure how to move into more purpose in their life.
  5. Aware of patterns that keep repeating in their life over and over again and never quite transcending the habits that keep them stuck?
  6. Feeling disconnected from Spirit, from themselves and their intuition?
  7. Feeling like they’re going through the motions but don’t feel stimulated, inspired or making a difference to the lives they touch.
  8. Feeling empty inside.

Does that resonate with you? Type “yes” in the chat box if that resonates with you …

Your soul’s highest path and purpose is the path that will bring your soul growth; it is a path that allows your soul to learn the life lessons that you came here to learn. Your higher path and purpose comprises spiritual lessons your soul has already learned and those life lessons that are yet to be mastered.

You were placed on this earth with a unique fingerprint, with unique soul gifts and soul urges.

Your highest path and purpose is the culmination of all the learning you’ve brought with you into this incarnation plus the learning you’ve accumulated; the skills you’ve accumulated from your life and careers.

We are born with a unique blend of soul gifts and soul urges. These are given in detail in your Akashic Record. The Akashic Records hold a record of your soul past, present and future. So by reading your Akashic Record we can access the wealth of information to help you fully recognise your highest path and purpose.

Understanding your highest path and purpose is a turning point in anyone’s journey. It is a key that opens many doors, not just in the practical aspects of living but in all areas of life.

Your highest path and purpose is not some illusive, mysterious ingredient you have yet to discover in your life. It is there already; it was always there just waiting to be remembered.

Then it is up to you to implement this wisdom into your life.

Your highest path and purpose is not God given. It is self-created. It is based on all your passions. It culminates in a direction that becomes your guiding light, your north star. It brings you back to center when things get tough or start to go wrong. You can return to this big dream and realign your actions with this core purpose. When you live that big dream every day in your own life, you will naturally feel more and more ownership of it.

We are all here on this planet for a reason. There’s a reason we volunteered to be here at this time. We heard a clarion call and chose to incarnate now, in this period of upheaval.

Understanding we belong to something much greater than our own small life, that we are here to be agents for change and to serve others for the benefit of all is pretty life changing! Its no longer all about you, your needs and wants, your small desires. It becomes about the greater good, the needs and wants that will serve all that is!

This is how you want to be remembered when you’re dead. It is your legacy. It is how we make a lasting mark on the world.

In order to truly help to others you need to understand your own journey. The truth is we don’t want to learn from a perfected, enlightened master. We want to learn from someone who gets us, who’s walked a similar path to our own and has overcome incredible obstacles.

When we allow others to see us in our vulnerability, when we show others the wounds we ourselves carry and the path to healing we took, we create instant rapport and resonance.

We want to know that we will be understood and honoured for our trials. We want to be seen, heard and acknowledged by someone who’s seen it all as well. We become real and approachable to others. You speak the same language.

You have a story like no other. If you share it you’ll attract the people who resonate and need to hear your story. This has the power to transform their life. Your story will give them permission to own and honour their own story. You will give them permission to shine!

Your highest path and purpose will always have at its core a desire and intention to help others. Your soul gifts and soul urge direct you towards your own unique contribution to serve those around you. The Universe operates on a system of giving and receiving. You will know you are living in alignment with your highest path and purpose when you feel and see the positive impact you have on others.

I’ll give you a clue. Your highest path and purpose isn’t going to be “I want to be happy” or “I want to be rich”. It isn’t even going to be “I want to help people!” But more on that soon…

My Highest Path and Purpose

Having been through what we have, having survived and thrived as we have -we have the wisdom of personal experience that can save others the same fate. We can save others the agony, the despair and heartache of searching through the fire to find the treasure buried deep within them.

We can choose to reach out to those only we can help, those who are where we were. We look at our own ‘enough is enough’ moments and we dig deep into the epiphanies, the inner realisations that motivated us to change our ways. Be an agent for change.

In order to be an agent for change we need to have a vision, a big dream that others can resonate with and get behind and share! What is your big lofty dream or vision of how you wish to make a positive impact on the world for the better? What is your big dream behind all of your words, thoughts and deeds?

Look at your story and your dream, your vision. It can’t just be to help people! It needs to be BIG!

This purpose IS NEVER SMALL

Your highest path and purpose is a BIG DREAM

You can’t serve the world by playing small.

We are not here to live small safe lives.

We are here to make a difference!

We are here to step outside of the box of small thinking and create the change we need to see in the world.

No one else can do what we can.

No one else has exactly the same soul gifts that we have.

No one else has your set of experience and wisdom.

So use it!

Stop sitting on your hands and use it!

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to stay in your cave, safe and comfortable?

Are you going to keep making up reasons why you can’t do what you incarnated here, on planet Earth to do?

Have you heard the clarion call deep within?

The time for excuses has past.

Reflect on your life. What is your highest path and purpose? What brings meaning to your life? What brings happiness and excitement into your life? What makes your heart sing? Where do you have successes? Do you want more of that? How do you attract more of that into your life?

Are you ready to rediscover all that life truly has to offer?

Do you want to engage with life on a deeper more inspiring level?

I’m going to give my own story as an example of the process to figure out your big dream.

I have always wanted to help people ever since I was about 8 years old. First I thought that meant being a teacher, but I quickly discovered even being an English language teacher for international students was too limiting for me. So then helping became about healing/shifting people out of their rut and into a spiritually aligned magical life.

In 2014 my youngest started full time school. I vividly remember the feeling of absolute elation on that first day…

When my last child, my third child, started school it was like the Universe gave me an almighty kick up the backside. It was like the Universe said “Enough. Time is up! It is time to get on with your work. Chop chop!”

I had wasted time. I was needed NOW to do my work in the world – to be a way slower for others who were still feeling stuck and disconnected. I needed to help women reconnect with the truth of who they are, now more than ever before.

It was the kick up the butt I needed to radically transform my life.

I learned how to access the Akashic Records.

This is an amazing database of information. The Akashic Records hold a record of your soul- past, present and future.

So by reading people’s Akashic Record, I could help them to understand the highest path and purpose of their lives, their soul gifts soul urges and the life lessons they were born to learn.

The Akashic Records gave me the proof, in black and white, that all the knowings stirring within me! I had it on a page. It was real!

After struggling with the eternal question “Why” through adolescence and young adulthood, the Akashic Records gave me the certainty I was looking for.

I learned that I had incarnated to raise the vibration of the planet – to be a conduit to bring in more divine unconditional love into the world.

I learned I was a teacher through and through – this was my soul’s gift, my soul’s urges and my highest path and purpose! I was a wayshower.

After over 25 years communicating directly with Spirit for Spirit I have dedicated my life to assisting all sentient beings. I teach what I have learned through direct personal experience, reflection and study.

I learned how to communicate with spirit guide and receive messages, clarity, and guidance for others.

And from there it just snowballed.

I began having a direct experience connecting with not only earthbound spirits, deceased loved ones and my spirit guides, but with angels, archangels, ascended masters, and most recently with gods and goddesses.

I learned how to channel information, to channel guidance and meditations so that I could give people the spiritual tools that they needed.

My life changed from disconnected and dull to vibrant and exciting. It took new eyes, a new perspective and a seismic shift from an outer to an inner connection.

I became passionate about helping other women and creating a sisterhood to empower them to live a life on purpose.

My work in the world is not static. I continue to expand out. I continue to walk my talk! I continue to keep levelling up so that I can stand up, stand out and make a difference! My role and my understanding of my highest path and purpose continues to evolve.

I’ll explain how I tapped into the deepest level of the urges that motivate and inform my highest path and purpose.

You see, my highest path and purpose is intrinsically linked to my children.

My children are more important to me than anything else – marriage, career, ANYTHING! I started talking about what matters most above all else: my role as a mother and the moulder of my young son’s lives.

I want to celebrate and encourage their individuality, their quirkiness (I have very quirky kids!) and to value their ability to own and express their emotions. They are all sensitive males, in tune with their feminine side. They are not testosterone charged – none are into competitive sport. They own their emotions and don’t tend to spray (no one is perfect!!) and they are very astute at reading others. They don’t give respect until it’s earned and they don’t take any bullshit from those in authority… I am a very proud mama!

But there was a problem. My sons are sensitive and empathic and psychic and creative. They are amazing children who are not afraid to express the truth of who they are.

This made me fear for them striking out in a world that does not value these attributes in men. This made me consider the world I NEED TO CREATE for my sons to be normal! I want my sons to be valued and respected and not asked to change one bit.

How could I change the world so they could be free to be themselves without being criticised?

So how would I do that?

How would I change society to allow for that?

This led me to my big dream, my vision of the work I wanted to do in the world.

I realised I needed to help empower women (the creators, carers and educators of the new generation) bring the Divine Feminine back to the earth plane so we can be aligned in our masculine and feminine. That way, people won’t feel the need to shut down what ever makes them feel uncomfortable!

I needed to create this in the world. I needed to help empower women to be in their feminine AND masculine power to be able to grow these types of children – to create this generation of adults who no longer played by the rules patriarchy had set. I needed to create a world where women (and men) felt comfortable being themselves, being quirky and individualistic without fear of judgement or criticism.

If I’m totally honest with you my legacy is global healing of the feminine. I want to impact the world and create a more compassionate world for my three sons to live in without being bullied into feeling like they have to compete and compare and strive to be something they are not. To do this means changing how we think. Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

For me it is about creating a paradigm shift in how women interact. It moves away from the patriarchal system of comparison, competition and backstabbing and towards actively and openly expressing ourselves, and being a supportive audience for others to do the same.

That’s why my message for The SoulFull Sister Revolution says:

“My vision is to empower 10,000 amazing women all over the world to live a life on purpose. I support helpers, healers, teachers and all of the above – mothers! – to have a huge positive impact on the world.”

For some reason, saying I want to empower 10,000 women (or more!!) is more inspiring than not saying a number. It shows you mean business! It shows you really mean it and s and behind your vision with the passion and dedication to see it through.

If I said I wanted to empower 100 women you’d think “big deal” and you’d probably scroll on by.

I created this big dream, this big vision, that other women resonate with and get behind. It’s a rally cry for the women who feel that urge to really stand up, stand out and make a difference!

I still want to help others tune in to themselves and in the process, to Spirit. But this is within a much bigger more revolutionary movement for change that expands from us out into our world!

I say: “This is a global movement for change, a celebration of what is and a commitment to create a better world for our children and our children’s children.”

The interaction and engagement within the group will inevitably – subtly or dramatically- change all our interactions in everyday life. It will affect how we treat our children, friends, partner and what we expect to receive in return. This in turn affects them and their interactions in their everyday life, and so it goes on.

I don’t need to explain my process – I only need to give the solution not the process!!

And that’s where you come in…

I can’t do this alone. I need your help.

I need us ALL to stand up, stand out and make a difference! I need us to start living life on purpose in our own unique way in order to change the paradigm in which we live.

We are needed.

We need to do our work in the world. NOW!

We need to ground and anchor the new energies streaming onto Earth and bring about a revolution! With ease and grace!!

We can bring into being new ways and assist more and more people to awaken to the magic and mystery of Earthly existence.

This revolution will unfold not only within yourself, but with the world as well.

There is definitely an awakening unfolding worldwide… An evolution that continues to unfold in magical and mysterious ways!

My work is infused with this gifts that I have been perfecting through many lifetimes!

I love to play in the Quantum Field of energy healing, timelines, manifestation, co-creation and bliss! My soul clients are helpers, healers, teachers or all of the above – mothers! – with a burning passion to be more and do more than this small self. They are spiritual explorers, passionate students of life and love! And they are ready and willing to heal deep stored trauma, break the patterns of generations and live their life on purpose!

My twenties and thirties were spent agonising over my elusive purpose. I remember agonizing over it myself. I was sure I had one but I had absolutely no idea what it was!

It’s taken until my late 40’s to discover the truth I wish someone had told my in my twenties…

Living your highest path and purpose isn’t actually as difficult as it seems to discover.

All you have to do is step into you. Book in a call with me and let’s clarify your highest path and purpose.

Following your highest path and purpose you’ll ignite the fire, the passion within you that will fuel you to pursue it. Yes fears will arise but you will be able to discern what is necessary caution and when self-limiting beliefs are sabotaging you.

This is my passion and MY highest path and purpose – to empower women to live their life ON PURPOSE!

Five Signs that you are being shown your highest path and purpose:

  1. You feel restless and unsettled with your current life direction.
  2. A sign repeats from various sources and becomes more insistent, such as your passions and soul gifts, dreams and body symptoms, conversations with others, books that mysteriously appear or opportunities that unfold unexpectedly in your life. These signs accumulate and become impossible to ignore.
  3. You feel an inner knowing that it is the right course of action to follow. You feel in the flow as if you are being effortlessly swept along. It is an amazing feeling!
  4. You feel inspired and enthusiastic for as long as it takes for the next step to manifest, whether it be weeks, months or years. You are motivated and have the energy reserves to complete any task that brings your goal to fruition no matter how trivial.
  5. You feel a little in awe. If it feels safe and easy it’s probably not the right path but if it scares you a little and pushes you to be more than you’ve ever been before it probably is.

Does that resonate with you? Type “yes” in the chat box if that resonates with you …

Are you ready?

Are you ready and willing to step up and live life on purpose?

Book in a call with me NOW!

Click here and book in a Propel Yourself call… I know this call can be transformational.

So, what are you waiting for?

Isn’t it time you did something for yourself?

Isn’t it time you stretched beyond the small version of yourself and started to SHINE?

Back yourself! Give yourself this gift – a unique opportunity to learn to live your life on purpose! Imagine how transformative this could be for you!

Book in a call with me NOW!

I hope I have inspired you and made you see how truly amazing you are! You can rediscover all that life truly has to offer and engage with life on a deeper, more inspiring level.

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