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‘What’s Holding You Back?’ is for you if:

  • Speaking your truth feels scary!
  • Feel ruled by your fears and insecurities
  • You feel triggered often by other women
  • You feel a compulsion to shrink back, to contract and hide.
  • You tend to self-sabotage – so debilitating!
  • Something holds you back from standing in your personal power.
  • You second guess yourself or have a long list of excuses.

Visibility is really challenging for so many of us! It holds you back from standing up, standing out and making a difference!

Well, you’re not alone! So many of us feel stuck, rudderless and unable to move forward in life.

So many of us are held back…and for no good reason!

How can you start showing up more in your life? How can you start giving more of your magnificent presence in your own life? How can you start expanding out of your comfort zone? How can you start feeling your vibrant real magnificent self?

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Here is the script, yes I do go off occasionally but if you would prefer to read this is for you!

What’s Holding You Back? Live event

Thanks so much for joining me to explore what is rising to the surface to be looked at for you.

What’s Holding You Back?

At the end of this presentation I am going to offer you a space to ask questions and I’ll have a special invitation for you. This is an interactive talk so I ask you to comment and ask questions throughout.

So. How can you start showing up more in your life? How can you start giving more of your magnificent presence in your own life? How can you start expanding out of your comfort zone? How can you start feeling your vibrant real magnificent self?

It won’t happen by staying small and keeping to yourself.

It doesn’t happen by wishful thinking or dreaming…

We all know there’s a reason. We all know there’s a reasonable explanation for why we feel this way. It is a real and undeniable feeling that rises within us. So where does this come from? What is so buried that it is no longer accessible in our conscious awareness?

The greatest barrier is yourself. Sometimes your fear and insecurities hold you back. We self-sabotage ourselves in a misguided need to be safe, hidden away from judgment of others.

Marianne Williamson says it best:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Our fears don’t happen overnight. They slowly accumulate over time until you are frozen by fear and self-doubt. Sometimes you can be so afraid that you cannot even move. It is just like you are paralysed.

Our fears stem from:

–       Belief in the way the world works.

–       Standing out and being shot down in a ball of flames!

–       Fear of Failure.

–       Self belief (or lack of!).

Belief in the way the world works.

What beliefs have you internalised about life? What did your parents say to you that you took on as fact?

For me, throughout my childhood my mother used to say explicitly – out loud – “Life is hard. Life is suffering. Life isn’t meant to be easy.” This became internalised. So this was an expectation I had about the world. It became a fact for me.

It wasn’t until I was well into my 20’s that I started thinking “Hang on! Is life hard? Why does life have to be hard? Life doesn’t have to be hard! I don’t have to draw all of these crises to me. Or live in this roller coaster of emotion. I can learn with ease and grace.”

I changed that fundamental attitude I had towards life I had in general.

So what beliefs have you adopted from your parents? What are the statements you have internalised as fact?

Choosing to learn with ease and grace will make shifts in your life. It will change your fundamental attitude towards life. It brings less crises, less struggle, less strife, and less suffering into your life!

Standing out and being shot down in a ball of flames!

If you have a judgy or critical family its really hard to back yourself. If they have a tendency to cut down tall poppies then that fear is justified. They don’t even need to say it out loud. Thoughts create. We feel negative thoughts and take them on board just as much as thoughts spoken out loud.

Then there’s the fear of criticism or ridicule from a wide audience – strangers.

Many of us are so focused on “what if’s” that we feel paralysed by fear. We want to share our message but we stop ourselves because we don’t want to be cut down.

We fear our ability to impress.

We fear our ability to be of value to others.

We fear our ability to follow through and be successful.

We fear our ability to rise to any challenge.

We fear our ability to rise above any judgment or criticism that comes our way.

Fear of Failure

Our past can come back to bite us! Past failures can loom large as evidence of our incapability.

Our fears are self-fulfilling prophecies! Like attracts like, and so the more you worry about something, the more you will begin to attract exactly the energy you are worried about! We feed them energy and intent so we inadvertently attract certain people and situations to us – to reinforce our expectations until we are ready and willing to change them. When we are aware of these fears we can change what we put our intent into.

If you used to believe “I’m a failure” you could co-create a series of disasters in your life. If there were no disasters you may use drama or self-sabotage to fulfil your expectations. But if you worked hard to change this belief to something like I learn with ease and grace. All is well in my world” you would experience life as a pleasure that has learning opportunities that can be navigated with ease.

We must be mindful of our thoughts because our thoughts have power, more than we realize. If you obsessively fear losing your job, you are actually increasing the likelihood of getting fired, not decreasing it. Same if you are worrying about contracting a life-threatening disease or medical condition: The more energy you send in that direction, the more likely you are to unknowingly give permission to your body to manifest this condition.

Self belief (or lack of!).

Most of these are unconscious. They stem from the opinions of our parents and loved ones. They are accumulated from all the little explicit comments received over the years and all the implicit thoughts and beliefs behind them. Often it wasn’t safe to express feelings as children so they were suppressed.

Sometimes an awareness of the cause is enough to shift the energy, allowing a breakthrough or healing to occur.

Fear held within traps your energy and affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life. Awareness can dissolve the emotional charge so the fears can disappear. You can unlock your true potential.

Learning the original source can help release energies holding the negative patterns and are brought into conscious memory so that they can be acknowledged, healed and released. With awareness, they no longer have a hold on you or your current life.

Awareness of where the core wound stems from often means going back into your childhood, or beyond into a past life. This awareness can open up new possibilities in this life, with energy freed up with old self-limiting beliefs and outmoded patterns released. This creates a freedom and wisdom that you are more than this small life, more than this one life. The hard-won soul gifts and soul learning accumulated from past lives can be integrated into your current life to your advantage.

These old outmoded patterns of behaviour trigger unconscious actions and reactions even if you consciously want to change them. It’s like travelling on a dirt road you’ve travelled on so many times there’s deep, deep ruts where your wheels have gone. It takes effort not to be drawn into those ruts, to follow the well-worn path you’ve travelled so many times before.

I bet the first few dozen times your dad rolled his eyes at you and told you that you were a loser you weren’t affected…but over time this became your self belief and your inner voice took this on as a truth. This is what filters our reality. Over time you might have started telling yourself not to bother, there was no point. You are a loser.

These beliefs cloud our perceptions. They are the filter through which we see ourselves and the world.

By the time we reach adulthood the inner voice – parroting all the opinions of others – is a part of our internal dialogue and taken for granted. We believe it is true!

By the time we reach adulthood we have eaten away at our self-belief and fit into the box that everyone else has designed for us!

We hang so much shit on ourselves. We are so incredibly mean to ourselves! We say stuff to ourselves we wouldn’t say to our worst enemies! It’s become so normal we don’t even notice we’re saying it. It’s so deeply entrenched we don’t even actively hear that inner voice bitching away in the background anymore.

We blame ourselves for so much. We judge and criticise ourselves for even the smallest things. We chastise and belittle ourselves. We encourage ourselves to feel and act unworthy! Wow. Imagine that. We encourage ourselves to feel and act unworthy!

Ever so slowly, imperceptibly slowly, we start moving into the awareness of fear, doubt, and judgment. It doesn’t happen over night. It was the accumulation of decades of experiences, little slights and direct criticisms that were taken on as truth.

You started to believe that something is wrong with you. You started to question whether or not you were loveable. You got scared and hurt so you stopped trusting others. You began to doubt love.

Over time all the mean names others called you were internalised and became what you call yourself.

We are so focused on everyone else we loose our sense of self and our own needs. We are distracted by the daily grind of bringing up children and “adulting” as best we can.

We give, give, give until we have nothing left. We find that we are working hard to pay the bills, to keep everything going and suddenly we are living a treadmill existence. With age, responsibilities and stability comes a reduced choices so you and your family to minimise upheaval even when reality bites. Better the devil you know!

We become challenged, stressed, drained and depleted. So we turn to quick fixes in coffee, food, cigarettes and alcohol to bring sweetness or a temporary reprieve from our life.

Life becomes one day set on repeat.

And we disconnect.

When life gets tough, when there are too many demands, something’s got to give! And most often it’s easier to numb the still small voice within rather than listening to the loudest voice in the room! So we go numb, we ignore our intuition; we shut down our body’s sensations. We detach from own selves.

We realise we are disconnected from ourselves and the purpose of our own lives.

Then we ask the most important question of all: Is this it? Is this all there is?

When I got married and I had children I kind of lost my way. I was still doing my own spiritual work but it behind closed doors, in the comfort of my own home. Nobody even knew this about me. I became a mother and I lost my authentic voice.

The good news is I discovered I had everything I needed and you can too!

When my last child, my third child, started school it was like the Universe gave me an almighty kick up the backside. It was like the Universe said “Enough. Time is up! It is time to get on with your work. Chop chop!”

It was the kick up the butt I needed to radically transform my life!

I learned how to access the Akashic Records. This is an amazing database of information. It holds a record of everyone’s soul – past, present and future. So by reading people’s Akashic Record, I could help them to understand the highest path and purpose of their lives, their soul gifts soul urges and the life lessons they were born to learn.

I learned how to do spirit guide readings – so to receive messages, clarity, and guidance from a person’s personal spirit guide team. And from there it just snowballed. I learned how to channel information, to channel guidance and meditations so that I could give people the spiritual tools that they needed.

From there, I began having a direct experience connecting with not only earthbound spirits, deceased loved ones and my spirit guides, but with angels, archangels, ascended masters, and most recently with gods and goddesses.

I learned spiritual tools and techniques that enabled me to connect with spirit in a deep and meaningful way. I became a bridge between heaven and earth – assisting spirits to cross over. This increased my intuitive abilities further and taught me how to ask for guidance and pass messages on to others.

But then I discovered the missing link. I discovered what would give me all the belonging, connection and meaning I was craving…and it was a real game changer!

After years of struggling to realise, I found everything I needed…within!!

My life changed from disconnected and dull to vibrant and exciting. It took new eyes, a new perspective and a seismic shift from the outer to the inner connection.

By tuning in to our own body, thoughts, emotions and soul I found an infinite resource to all my longings. I learned my unique blend of soul gifts and learning, and the urges that steered me towards living my life on purpose.

I understand now, after decades of soul searching that I struggled to find and connect with my life purpose because of my childhood and all the blocks and barriers that stood between who I was and the truth of who I am.

It took decades to really remember the truth of who I am and what it took to feel empowered to live a life on purpose.

I was destined for this work. Little did I know I was in training for this work all my life! And now I put my decades to serve others in order to benefit women all over the so you don’t have to go through what I did.

I teach a fully embodied form of spirituality that allowed for massive shifts in a relatively short time! You see, spirituality can be entered through the mind but cannot be integrated without being fully experienced and embodied.

My method assisted me and my clients to fully activate and connect with the learning on the deepest cellular level. It was no more an academic, rational exercise! I worked out exactly how to guide others to do this deep work for themselves!

I’ve been able to help hundreds of women just like you, to apply simple and proven tools, and go from struggling to thriving in real and meaningful ways in their lives.

So let’s just get clear on one thing.

It’s not true! It’s not true what they said about you. It’s not true what you say about yourself. Stop believing the lies.

You are not broken. You are not damaged. There is nothing you need to do or be in order to be loved.

You are safe. It is safe to trust.

You are not alone. There is no one any better or worse than you. You are unique! You are absolutely perfect at being you.

You belong. You are worthy and deserving. You are not what you have told yourself you were. You are enough!

You can’t explore this without stepping out of your comfort zones. You need to give these fears and insecurities the opportunity to rise to the surface to been seen.

So if you’re still hiding in your cave feeling soooo calm and peaceful and balanced and aligned go to your local mall and see how it affects you! Go volunteer in your local public hospital. Do a video and post it on The SoulFull Sister Revolution. See how this affects you.

Do the How To Live Your Life On Purpose 8 week Program and really stretch out of that comfort zones!!

This is your learning edge. Right there where your discomfort is. It is here that we can learn the most from. The challenge is in the mindset, in how we frame it for ourselves and others involved.

Amongst the frustration and the unhappiness, the feeling of emptiness and restlessness there’s an inner knowing that you can do more, be more, than this small self. And feeling like you’re disconnected and separate from the ones you love.

The lack of self-esteem can come back to bite you “I’m not good enough. I’m rubbish. I can’t do anything more than this. It’s not worth striving for more.”

Something inside you tells you that you have what it takes to really make a powerful impact on the world and help transform the lives of many!

What’s your biggest fear right now?

What’s holding you back?

Living life on purpose can be truly scary. Everyone likes authenticity, real feeling, real passion and real heart. But it requires work to tap into the truth of who you are. It means unravelling. It requires you to strip yourself of the facades and masks you have used to please others in order to be accepted.

To live life on purpose asks that you rediscover your authentic self. It demands you be open, honest and accountable. It demands that you put your heart out there; take emotional risks, truth tell and open your heart and soul for all to see. It is scary at first but what’s the alternative? The truth is the most painful life is a life half lived.

If you are afraid to ask the hard questions, to strip away what no longer serves your highest and best good, you will find it impossible to live life on purpose.

This is the real you. 

Forget the old stories you were told about yourself.

Forget all the beliefs you have adopted from others.

Forget all the teachings you have adopted from others.

Learning to live your life on purpose can spell the beginning of either subtle or radical change depending on how far out of alignment you are with your soul’s highest path and purpose.

You can’t change the world for the better until you change yourself…and to change yourself for the better you have to live a life aligned with your soul’s highest path and purpose. It’s as simple as that!

If you want to see greater spiritual awareness in the world, cultivate awareness in yourself.

I dare you to start being your best self right now! No more excuses, no more feeling small. Just be the best self you can imagine.

Are you ready to live your biggest life?

Are you ready to serve your soul’s growth?

Are you ready to express all that you know you are capable of being?

It’s time to shine! It’s time to stop hiding your light. It’s time to celebrate your soul gifts. Let the world bask in your glory for the benefit of all!

You can’t do this if you are too afraid of what others might think. You can’t do this if you’re too busy being self-deprecating and unassuming and humble.

You don’t serve the world by playing small. The world needs your light! It needs you to shine!

When you have the confidence in who you are and absolute clarity with what you are here to achieve for your soul’s growth, you will be ready to explore your own true expression in the world.

Don’t be selfish with your soul gifts. Let the world bask in your glory for the benefit of all!

It is time to step into your power. It is time to help others and do what you are here to do.

Live your life in full alignment with your soul.

Love your life in full alignment with your soul.

We have a unique opportunity to really shine in this lifetime. This is deep soul work we are doing. This is deep healing work for us, for our family line, for our community and for our world.

Gone are the days we have to struggle and strive. We learn with ease and grace. And we seek to be held and supported while we do this work – by our friends, family, our sisters and our spirit team. We do not need to do this work alone!

We can do this in this lifetime. We have a unique opportunity to really shine in this lifetime. Women have more freedom and authority now – perhaps more than ever before in the history of civilization, certainly more than since the patriarchy took hold (3,000 years ago?).

We have a unique opportunity to make a huge positive impact on the world. It is time to step into our true power and use it for the benefit of all. SoulFull women stand up, stand out, and make a difference!

You know you’ve got it in you. You know it’s all there just waiting to be revealed! You’ve got so much going for you, so much potential. You feel it all bubbling just beneath the surface waiting to be remembered. It’s all there ready to be expressed.

How to Live Your Life On Purpose Program

I have created an 8 week How To Live Your Life On Purpose Program. In this program we will explore my 6 Keys to Living Your Life On Purpose. This How To Live Your Life On Purpose Program cuts right to the chase and reveals exactly how to create the life you have always wanted – free of confusion and doubt.

Shift and grow from stuck and rudderless to being in full alignment with your soul’s highest path and purpose right now!

I’m so excited to take you further and really kickstart you living your life on purpose! Book in a Propel Yourself call so we can discuss what this means for you. This is a free 15 minute conversation to explore exactly what you need and how the How To Live Your Life On Purpose 8 week program can help you. It’s the best way forward to help you to move forward in life.

This Program starts on Monday 24 September so book in a free Propel Yourself call with me now! Places are strictly limited. Register now before every place is taken.

In this How to Live Your Life On Purpose Program you will learn through weekly teachings, reflections for meditation and live Q&As.

In this program you will:

  • Own your soul’s gifts and the urges that drive you.
  • Understand your highest path and purpose and discover how best to utilise your soul’s gifts and urges.
  • Learn any subtle or radical changes in your life, your career or relationships
  • Create a greater awareness of your higher self.
  • Learn you can make an impact and your own soul’s unique contribution on the world.
  • Learn to fully align with your highest path and purpose in order to see your dream and ambition come to fruition.
  • Learn the deeper meaning of living life on purpose encompassing every aspect of your life.

You will receive access to the private How To Live Your Life On Purpose Facebook Group. You’ll have a sisterhood to assist and support your unfolding.


By the end of this How To Live Your Life On Purpose Program you will:

– Be focused on your highest path and purpose.

– Have absolute clarity on YOUR chosen purpose.

– Ignite the passion to see it through to fruition.

Consider what this means to you. Consider what you could achieve if you joined this program. What have you put off too long?

So, what are you waiting for?

Isn’t it time you did something and looked for the answers you seek?

Isn’t it time you stretched beyond the small version of yourself and remembered all that you have to offer the world?

Book in a GFC?

If you are fired up about creating real and lasting change within yourself and your life, if you are ready to step fully into your personal power, I’d love you to join How To Live Your Life On Purpose Program.

If you are ready to rediscover all that life truly has to offer, if you want to engage with life on a deeper more inspiring level, I am here for you.

Isn’t it time you did something about it and looked for the answers you seek?

I learned the key to living life on purpose…and you can too!

Let’s eliminate the confusion. Let’s clarify why you are here, at this time, and what your highest path and purpose is.

Then let’s use this treasure trove of information to create a course of action to help you live the truth of who you are authentically and joyfully…

With ease and flow, in perfect alignment with all that is!

You will stretch beyond the small version of yourself and remember all that you have to offer the world. When you have the confidence in who you are and absolute clarity with what you are here to achieve – your highest path and purpose, you will be ready to explore your passion in your life’s work. This gives you confidence to smash through all the barriers that held you back.

The world needs your light! It needs you to shine!

It is time to step into your true power and use it for the benefit of all.

It is time to stand up, stand out, and make a difference!

This gives you confidence to smash through all the barriers that held you back.

Back yourself! Give yourself this gift – a unique opportunity to learn to live your life on purpose! Imagine what a boost that could be for you!

Take responsibility for your own soul’s growth.

You’re not special. You’re just as messed up as the rest of us!!

Sorry to burst your bubble!

We’ve all taken these fears on as if we’re the only one experiencing them. (Not to mention the self-loathing, self-flagelating guilt, feeling unworthy, underserving or not enough. We’ve all been there.

When I was on retreat in India one of the practices made that point abundantly clear. We made two circles – inner and outer. The outer had to spill their guts to the inner – all the things they disliked about themselves, all their fears, insecurities. Then we swapped.

By the time we swapped no one sounded particularly sincere anymore… we’d already heard all our best arguments coming out of everyone else’s mouths!!!

The exact same shit over and over!!! OMG. What a revelation!!!

We all live swimming in a soup of this energy. Some call this the collective unconscious. We are all affected by it whether we’re aware of it even existing or not. We are all contaminated with the fear of comparison, the fear of not measuring up and the fear of being ridiculed at best or rejected and abandoned at worst. We all have it to lesser or greater degrees. We all seem to be soaking up the same insecurities!!

If you were to talk about how scared you are by the invitation to love you will resonate with sooooo many women…

It’s comforting to know we are not alone.

So. The next time you go into a spiral of self doubt or fear just remember you are not alone. It’s all good. Just next time a paranoid fear pops up don’t invest in it. Take a deep cleansing breath and laugh. Out loud. Switch the brain hemispheres.(Unless you’re at work. Then snicker to yourself. Or something?! We don’t want everyone thinking you’re demented!!!)

By living life on purpose we find value in our difference not suffering.

You are under no obligation to live by the rules of others.

You are under no obligation to fit into the box you were given. No one has the right to create your box. No one.

Life is a joy. At least it was meant to be so. Living a joyless life path can only lead to this suicidal ideation destination. Where else can it deliver you? Can joyless ever deliver you to joy? I think not.



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