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‘Who On Earth Were You Born to BE?’ Is for you if you can’t answer:

  • Why have you chosen to incarnate now?
  • What has brought your soul here, at this time in Earth’s evolution?
  • What EXACTLY is your highest path and purpose?
  • And how does this relate to the collective evolution taking place on the planet right now?

We are soul, all evolving together through lifetimes on Earth. We are all universal multidimensional souls who have experienced every race, colour and creed first hand.

Don’t believe me? Ok lets take a peek at the Earth’s evolution and the evolution of your soul…

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Here is the script, yes I do go off occasionally but if you would prefer to read this is for you!

Who On Earth Were YOU Born to BE?


I’m Debra Reeves from The SoulFull Sister Revolution.

Please say hi so I know you’re here – post in the comments and say where in the world you are…It’s always exciting to see so many likeminded women coming together from all over the world with a shared vision and a genuine desire to do more and be more in order to impact the words in the most real and positive ways.

At the end of this presentation I am going to offer you a space to ask questions and I’ll have a special invitation for you. This is an interactive talk so I ask you to comment and ask questions throughout.

At the end of this talk I will offer you 6 Keys to Living Your Life On Purpose

Please switch off your phone and shut down any other browsers. Ask your partner to look after the kids. And really focus on this live event.

In this live event I’m going to share information that was absolutely life changing for me. I hope it is going to be as profound for you!

How does that sound? Post in the comments and tell me how that sounds…post “I am ready!”

I am going to give you as much value as I can in this live event. But there’s only so much I can give you. If you would like to understand how this can help you personally, if you’re ready to really dive deep into this content in a real and meaningful way for YOU then please stay til the end of this live event.

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So first, a bit about me…

I’m Debra Reeves from The SoulFull Sister Revolution. For those who don’t know me and I am from New Zealand but I’ve lived 18 years on the heart shaped island of Tasmania, sitting between Australia and the south of the South Island of New Zealand (exactly where I’m from).

My hubby and I live in the center of Hobart on 900sqm with our 3 sons, 2 dogs, 2 cats and bunny Coco Lily Pops. But more about me later.

Let’s talk about you…

Who on earth were YOU born to BE?

Why have you chosen to incarnate now?

What has brought your soul here, at this time in Earth’s evolution?

What EXACTLY is your highest path and purpose?

And how does this relate to the collective evolution taking place on the planet right now?

We are soul, all evolving together through lifetimes on Earth. We are all universal multidimensional souls who have experienced every race, colour and creed first hand.

Don’t believe me? Ok lets take a peek at the Earth’s evolution and the evolution of your soul…

Living your life on purpose affects every aspect of your life: your family, relationships, career, your sense of self and wellbeing your connection to your higher self and spirit guides. Most importantly, we will try to measure the internal shifts that have occurred within you…after all happiness is an inside job!

Your soul is unique. Like snow crystals, no two are exactly alike. This individuality is eternal. We are one yet we still retain our unique individuality. As spiritual beings, we are eternal individual souls emanating from All That Is.

We all know there’s more to life than this hamster wheel existence. We all seek that deep connection to Spirit.

You have a story like no other. We are all so unique.

You were placed on this earth with a unique fingerprint, with unique soul gifts and soul urges.

So, why do we feel so stuck, rudderless?

What is stopping us from fully embracing our true potential and living a life on purpose?

I know how this feels. For a long time in my life I struggled to understand the truth of who I was and why I was here at this time. I spent years searching all over the world (literally) for the meaning of life.

I always knew I wanted to help people. I always felt this pull to be of service to others. By 8 I thought that meant becoming a teacher.

By my twenties I knew I wasn’t cut out for any institution and sought to teach through other channels – first as an English language teacher in high schools Japan and language schools in Australia and New Zealand and finally in my new role as a professional intuitive and spiritual coach.

I knew I hadn’t incarnated here on Earth purely for myself or my own souls growth. This was merely a means to an end: I needed to experience firsthand what I would ultimately teach others.

I knew there was more to life than what met the eye and I knew I had something to offer the world that no one else could.

Perhaps you had the same stirrings, the same knowing as a child as I did? Perhaps you strove to understand despite the seeming pointlessness of school and your life in general.

You knew there was more! You just couldn’t quite say how you knew and what you were meant to do with this deep knowing.

When I was 21 I was catapulted into the weird and wonderful world of Spirit when I moved into a share house with four housemates…and a very scary poltergeist.

This rather intrusive poltergeist proved the incontrovertible existence of the spirit realm for me and made all of Spirit feel accessible. I began, slowly but surely, exploring the infinite possibilities open to us in Spirit.

I followed this up with five years travelling through Asia and the Near East. Each night I would go to bed and I would literally have a line up of earthbound spirits, deceased loved ones, souls who knew that I could see them – word had got around!

By the time I was 27 I had studied Usui Reiki to Master Level, Spiritual Healing, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Traditional Thai massage (northern style) and Vipasana Meditation. I discovered the keys, spiritual tools and resources to radically transform my life and revolutionize my beliefs and patterns.

And life has never been the same since!

Without seeking meaning and a purpose in my life in my 20’s I would be a radically different person now.

I met the love of my life and got married. We had three beautiful sons. Life was good on the outside. When I got married and I had children I kind of lost my way. I was still doing my own spiritual work but it behind closed doors, in the comfort of my own home. Nobody even knew this about me. I became a mother and I lost my authentic voice.

But this life I was living was drained of its magic. Life with the hubby, the kids and the white picket fence wasn’t the life I’d signed up for!

It wasn’t the life I’d envisaged all those years ago when I first reconnected with Spirit for myself and rekindled my own personal connection to my spirit guides.

I was frustrated by how life had panned out but I didn’t know what to do! I wasn’t progressing spiritually as quickly as I wanted to.

I felt stuck, rudderless and I didn’t know how to change. And nothing seemed to be working.

That’s when I got an almighty kick up the backside by my Spirit Guides!!

Have you heard the clarion call? Have you had an impatience or restlessness within to do more, be more than this small self?

Are you listening…and doing something about it?

So let’s look at what’s going on…on a BIG SCALE. I’m talking Ascension.

Big Scale

Our solar system is moving into an area of space that has a much higher vibration. Our solar system is now traversing out of a region of the Cosmos where a constellation was destroyed and left behind debris and dust.

This crossing of contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of Earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy.

Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment.

Our planet has traversed this region for thousands of years but finally we are approaching the end of this space and we are on the point of entering a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live.

This window of evolution coincides with many planetary alignments, some of which only occur in million and billion year cycles.

In December 2012, an alignment brought several planetary cycles to a close (ranging from 26,000 to 62 million to 16.9 billion years), in a major astronomical event.

Many of these cycles marked evolutionary change on a massive scale in Earth’s past.

The Mayan calendar accurately tracked 16.9 billion years of evolution on Earth came to an end in December 2012.

Every 26,000 years our planet and Sun align with the center of the galaxy completing the precession of the equinox. This moves us into a new zodiac age. We are now in the Age of Aquarius.

Global warming is an effect of the collapse of the astral planes of consciousness as we go through the Shift.

There is less protection between the Earth and the Sun. However, Earth is a very patient, conscious entity with a long and extraordinary history. The Earth has the ability to regenerate.

The Earth is going through a massive evolutionary cycle herself – she is a conscious being we call Gaia.

Earth is entering into an intense band of light where accelerated growth and the ability to merge into Oneness is much easier and attainable.

This band of light does not resonate with the Earth’s lower, denser vibration.

This has inevitably caused changes to our planet and in those who call Earth home.

The Earth has ascended into a higher vibrational frequency, meaning it is crucial for everyone to harmonize with her vibration. Conditions on Earth can’t survive in their current vibration.

As Gaia rises in frequency she will present opportunities for us all to ascend with her. Gaia is transforming to accommodate a population of higher vibrational beings, and the overarching cosmic agenda of a new paradigm of divine love and peace.

Earth’s Schumann Resonance

It’s not just woo woo.

There’s worldwide research studying a wide variety of scientific data to gain new insights into the interconnectedness of human/animal health and behaviour and the sun and earth’s magnetic activity.

Every planet has a natural EMF (an aura or light frequency) that surrounds it, and reaches out to the cosmos, that is charged by the Sun.

The Earth itself takes in this energy through the crust but mostly through the poles.

The Ascension is already evident in the Earth’s vibration. Earth has been raising vibration. Between 2012 and Sept 2015 the Earth itself experienced huge shifts in consciousness.

Many intuitives believe that the planet’s vibration rose about 2-3Hz, bringing about huge shifts in awareness, consciousness and intuitive energies.

The Earth will continue to rise into a higher vibration and a more evolved consciousness that will continue well into the future.

The vibration of Gaia is being monitored with a Global Coherence Monitoring System.

This has been monitoring changes in the earth’s magnetic field since 2015, operating around the clock in:

–       Boulder Creek, Calif.

–       Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

–       Alberta, Canada

–       Baisogala, Lithuania

–       Northland Region of New Zealand

–       Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

What has been discovered is that for the past few decades the Earth’s Schumann Resonance has been rising. Since 1980 scientists believe that it is rising faster than we can measure seeing as it is constantly rising while measuring.

Recently the resonance has risen as high as 8.50 and has since stayed above 8. It has spiked up past 10 and those aware of EMF’s were concerned. In 2017 it raised dramatically, especially since all the solar proton storms, charging the planet’s core.

Whether conscious or unconscious, we are ALL affected by the sun and earth’s magnetic activity.

If you have feel buffeted about by waves of energy then you will appreciate how important this study is in understanding and hopefully preparing everyone. Hopefully this research will continue to uncover how magnetic fields generated by the sun and earth affect human health and behaviour.

Shifts in Consciousness
We are in a period of accelerated growth on planet Earth. Massive energetic shifts are taking place that affect the Earth and the way people think and feel. Humanity is ascending.

This is a truth experienced by everyone on the planet whether they are conscious of it or not.

Ascension and raising your vibration is a personal spiritual choice. We all have the same potential to ascend; it is a matter of free will and the intention to do so. All souls eventually move into greater states of consciousness.

This is the beginning of an exciting new time in the Earth’s history and big change is typically rough. Lower vibrational systems, programs, entities and belief systems dissolved sometimes with ease, sometimes with resistance.

This is a massive shift in consciousness, a dramatic change in how we experience reality. These changes are occurring at accelerating speed.

More and more people are being shocked out of slumber at an ever-increasing rate. As greater numbers awaken and as the energies accelerate the process accelerates.

There is a quickening occurring where our understandings are causing huge shifts in values and beliefs of multitudes all at once.

Whereas a decade ago a soul needed 4-9 years before reincarnating, now I hear it can be as little as 2 years! Souls are returning to assist in the Earths evolution!

Adult literacy rates are now at an all-time high. The majority of the human race are able to read, be informed and to share, support and encourage each other.

Now with the worldwide web, information has been taken out of the hands of the elite few and given to the masses. This means changes are occurring at an unprecedented rate.

So what are you here to do?

How can you help the Earth’s evolution in the most powerful way?

We are all here on this planet for a reason. There’s a reason we volunteered to be here at this time. We chose to incarnate now, in this period of upheaval.

We belong to something much greater than our own small life.

We are here to be agents for change and to serve others for the benefit of all.

This is pretty life changing!

Its no longer all about you, your needs and wants, your small desires.

It becomes about the greater good, the needs and wants that will serve all that is!

We are all on this planet, for a reason. We all have our own highest soul purpose that calls us from the depths of our hearts, souls.

I have had countless lifetimes here on Earth, and on other planets. This planet is a sentient being known as Gaia.

Our soul group wished us well and assisted us to come here, incarnating with us to assist us on our mission. We were born with amnesia so we could learn through direct experience.

But still we didn’t realise how impacting the negativity would be for us. Many of us feel disempowered by what life serves us, and unable to rise above the negativity of those around us. We became lost and entangled in this dimension and world.

Earth is only our temporary home. We are interlopers here, Starseeds or Star Travellers, incarnating here to assist in the ascension of Mother Gaia.

We are here to learn and send our insights back to our soul group and download it into the Universal Consciousness or the collective unconscious – the database of All That Is.

I absolutely know I am in no hurry to stop incarnating. My soul’s urge is less “I’m tired of this cycle of birth and death. I love to go home” and more “Leave no man, woman or child behind. I’m in it for the long haul. Whatever it takes!!”

Like many others, I am here to remind others of our true selves. I am here to remind women of the truth of who we are and what our highest path and purpose is.

This purpose IS NEVER SMALL

Your highest path and purpose is a BIG DREAM

You can’t serve the world by playing small.

We are not here to live small safe lives.

We are here to make a difference!

We are here to step outside of the box of small thinking and create the change we need to see in the world.

No one else can do what we can.

No one else has exactly the same soul gifts that we have.

No one else has your set of experience and wisdom.

So use it!

Stop sitting on your hands and use it!

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to stay in your cave, safe and comfortable?

Are you going to keep making up reasons why you can’t do what you incarnated here, on planet Earth to do?

Have you heard the clarion call deep within?

The time for excuses has past.

Earth needs every single lightworker out there, on the ground making changes.


We do this by healing ourselves or lineage and our collective stories.

Then we have the power to help others.

When my last child, my third child, started school it was like the Universe gave me an almighty kick up the backside. It was like the Universe said “Enough. Time is up! It is time to get on with your work. Chop chop!”

I had wasted time. I was needed NOW to do my work in the world – to be a wayshower for others who were still feeling stuck and disconnected. I needed to help women reconnect with the truth of who they are, now more than ever before.

It was the kick up the butt I needed to radically transform my life.

I learned how to access the Akashic Records.

This is an amazing database of information. The Akashic Records hold a record of your soul- past, present and future.

So by reading people’s Akashic Record, I could help them to understand the highest path and purpose of their lives, their soul gifts soul urges and the life lessons they were born to learn.

The Akashic Records gave me the proof, in black and white, that all the knowings stirring within me! I had it on a page. It was real!

After struggling with the eternal question “Why” through adolescence and young adulthood, the Akashic Records gave me the certainty I was looking for.

I learned that I had incarnated to raise the vibration of the planet – to be a conduit to bring in more divine unconditional love into the world.

I learned I was a teacher through and through – this was my soul’s gift, my soul’s urges and my highest path and purpose! I was a wayshower.

After over 25 years communicating directly with Spirit for Spirit I have dedicated my life to assisting all sentient beings. I teach what I have learned through direct personal experience, reflection and study.

I learned how to communicate with spirit guide and receive messages, clarity, and guidance for others.

And from there it just snowballed.

I began having a direct experience connecting with not only earthbound spirits, deceased loved ones and my spirit guides, but with angels, archangels, ascended masters, and most recently with gods and goddesses.

I learned how to channel information, to channel guidance and meditations so that I could give people the spiritual tools that they needed.

My life changed from disconnected and dull to vibrant and exciting. It took new eyes, a new perspective and a seismic shift from an outer to an inner connection.

I became passionate about helping other women and creating a sisterhood to empower them to live a life on purpose.

We are needed.

We need to do our work in the world. NOW!

We need to ground and anchor the new energies streaming onto Earth and bring about a revolution! With ease and grace!!

We can bring into being new ways and assist more and more people to awaken to the magic and mystery of Earthly existence.

This revolution will unfold not only within yourself, but with the world as well.

There is definitely an awakening unfolding worldwide… An evolution that continues to unfold in magical and mysterious ways!

Please don’t fight the process… I know you’re going through it… Allow the shift to come unto you, organically. Stop resisting. Allow yourself to flow.

Ask yourself:

Why are you here on planet Earth?

How can you use your experiences to help others?

What do you want to achieve in this lifetime?

What is an action you can make today to help bring this vision to fruition?

If you can’t answer these questions consider having an Akashic Record Reading. Take the guess work out of it!

If you know your purpose but feel blocked and unable to follow through then have a free 15 minute Propel Yourself call with me.

6 Keys to Living Your Life On Purpose:

  1. Know yourself.

Know exactly what your soul gifts and urges are and OWN them!

  1. Know your purpose on planet earth.

Also called your highest path and purpose, this is the culmination of all the learning you’ve brought with you into this incarnation plus the learning you’ve accumulated; the skills you’ve accumulated from your life and careers. This is how you want to be remembered when you’re dead. By delving into your life story, and other’s expectations, you can see the threads that lead towards your soul’s highest path and purpose.

  1. Know your fears and insecurities.

This tends to be your based on the expectations placed on you by your parents and the ways you’ve tried to fit what others wanted you to be. Observe unconscious beliefs through inner critic. Become aware of your unconscious beliefs and patterns.

Become aware of all the excuses, justifications, blocks and barriers holding you back…so they can dissolve. We will look at your inner drivers, the thought processes governing your behaviour (eg. Unworthy, needing to be liked, wanting to be seen as honest and wise all the time) so your conscious and subconscious mind match.

Rewrite the old scripts you’ve been using. Rewrite your story and who you think you are. Choose who you want to be.

  1. Know how to manifest what you do want!

Becoming a co-creator in your own life by choosing exactly what you’d like in future. Matching your thoughts and emotions with intention.

  1. Know your spirit team.

These are your enthusiastic support network who work behind the scenes on your behalf. They are the stage crew, and you are the nominated presenter.

  1. Know your higher self.

This is the whole of you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Know the truth of who you are. We will go beyond teachings and intellectual understanding by using guided practices to have direct experience of you as soul.

Have you heard the call?

Do you have a calling deep within you to do more, be more, than this small self? Do you feel it stirring and pushing at the edges but you can’t let it out?

Are you ready and willing to step up and live life on purpose?

I invite you to fully align with your own soul’s gifts and urges.

I invite you to do a deep dive to explore your own soul’s highest path and purpose – and the legacy you were born for.

I invite you to fully align with your own soul’s growth.

I will guide you, mentor you and help you create this new way of being for yourself in your world.

I’m here to help you evolve, develop your soul gifts, awaken your spiritual self to connect with the wisdom and guidance that is always available within you, all the power and all the love you need to change the world.

Book in a call with me NOW!

Click here and book in a Propel Yourself call… I know this call can be transformational.

Consider what this means to you. Consider what you could achieve if you joined this program. What will happen if you put off too long? No more excuses! No more putting yourself at the end of the line.

So, what are you waiting for?

Isn’t it time you did something for yourself?

Isn’t it time you stretched beyond the small version of yourself and started to SHINE?

Back yourself! Give yourself this gift – a unique opportunity to learn to live your life on purpose! Imagine how transformative this could be for you!

Book in a call with me NOW!

I hope I have inspired you and made you see how truly amazing you are! You can rediscover all that life truly has to offer and engage with life on a deeper, more inspiring level.




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