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Akashic Record Reading (with a focus on Career)

I had a Career Reading with Debra. It was an amazing experience. Debra’s calming presence really relaxed me and her sometimes mischievous smiles made me very inquisitive regarding what’s coming up next for me to discover about myself. Her reading strongly resonated with my inner voice. Although some things did not initially click, I realised…

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I believed my Clairvoyance was completely blocked

“Debra, thank you so much for holding such amazing space for something that has literally rocked my world to the core. There’s a lot more to earthbound spirits than meets the eye and I can definitely attest to that. The doubt has turned to wonder and a desire to understand and that is truly a…

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You are a game changer Debra. A life changer.

“I’ve studied spirituality for 30 years and always looked outside myself for connection, for answers, for guidance…. up until now, until joining the SoulFull Sister Revolution, until having an Akashic Record Reading by Debra and until doing this program, How To Live Your Life On Purpose. “I’ve studied spirituality for 30 years and always looked…

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