Spirit guides are all just as unique as you and I. Some are more engaging, hands-on or talkative than others while others prefer to sit back and let you figure it out for yourself. Discover what works best for you and your guides. Often this is also a learning curve for your spirit guide and will require feedback from you on what’s working and what isn’t.

Like any wise teacher, your spirit guides use your natural tendencies to your advantage. Your spirit guides want to make communication as easy as possible.

Communicating with your Spirit Guides
The first step is awareness that it is occurring already and stilling your mind chatter. You will need to learn to differentiate what your Primary Spirit Guide sounds like. Your Primary Spirit Guide holds the role of spokesperson for the team and is usually the easiest to communicate with and the most responsive and talkative. Other guides will often defer to the Primary Spirit Guide.

When asking for messages contact the Primary Spirit Guide through your heart center. Tune in to your heart and focus all of your attention in your heart. Tune in to your Heart. Before you go to sleep put your hand on your heart and tune in to your feelings on your heart level. Can you describe it in words or is it pure emotion?

Spirit guidance can come in the form of repetitive thoughts, feelings, visions, or words depending on your intuitive gifts. These nudges tell you to do something that might seem insignificant: call a person, write a letter, attend a meeting, read a book, so that you receive what you need when you need it.

Your guides choose imaginative and creative ways to speak volumes. Some enjoy using symbols, jokes and puns much like poetic or dream language. Intuitive information comes through loaded with profound meaning. They choose their words carefully and do not waste their efforts making things too complicated to understand. Often their words only make sense with time, as circumstance proves the wisdom of their predictions.

When I ask for messages from a Primary Spirit Guide for a client I use a system called automatic writing to ensure that I am able to channel the words as accurately as possible. It works like dictation, with the Primary Spirit Guide speaking in my head (clairaudience) and me writing down exactly what I am told. Usually this is only given a few words at a time and so I have no idea where the sentence will end up.

Your spirit guides only teach one step at a time. Don’t expect them to tell you exactly what’s going to happen. Chances are they will give you the next step needed and that’s all. Many people believe intuition gives you the whole picture from the beginning but it never works that way. Intuition guides you, step by step. It cannot show you the next step until you take the first one. Fortunately the first is easy to take. Just speak the truth from your heart. By doing so, you admit that your intuition is real and you’re tuning in loud and clear. Just try it for 5 minutes and see for yourself how once you start to acknowledge your intuition it miraculously turns on and starts to flow, giving you moment to moment guidance that addresses every challenge you will face as you return to living your true and authentic Spirit.

Once you’ve tuned in verbally acknowledge all these subtle flashes of insight and intuition in what ever guide they appear. Affirm them out loud as they flash across your mind so that you capture them before they slip away. EG in the morning ask your intuition, out loud, what it says is important to know about the day ahead and say the response out loud. If having difficulties with someone ask out loud “How can I best deal with this person? What am I missing or unaware of that I need to know in order to improve our relationship and get past this problem?” Place your hand on your heart (where intuition is centered) and answer quickly out loud allowing your Spirit to speak.

Marathon not a Sprint
Spiritual growth is a gentle, gradual process. It does not need to be learned through trauma or conflict. As with all of life, there will always be an ebb and flow to your spiritual journey. You will have times of accelerated learning and growth while other times your self development will take a back seat. Great learning requires time to reflect and consolidate, to create new outlets in your life and attract new opportunities and people. You will have periods of progress and periods of assimilation or dormancy. It is ok to take time out to rest and reflect. Just ensure that you retain a core practice that includes time to tune in, meditation and prayer. Take time to tune in and become grounded within your body, otherwise it’s easy to be sidetracked and be distracted. Continue to tune in to your inner guidance and when you are ready, look out for the next growth spurt.

Tips for Contacting Spirit Guides
1. Ask for their assistance every single day.
Take a few moments each morning to tune in to your heart centre. Set your intentions for the day. Ask yourself what you would like to accomplish. Do you need guidance? Do you need to receive support, ideas or solutions? Announce your intentions and requests out loud, ideally on the form of a prayer. Eg. The I AM Prayer or:

I close off my aura to all but my Higher Self and those beings
of the highest vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul.
I call on my spirit guides to assist my journey through life in every way.
I welcome you into my life stream and energy fields.
I grant you permission to guide me and show me my highest path this day.
Let this day show me everything that is available to me right now.
Expand my consciousness. I allow the Universe to show me
what is in alignment with my highest path and purpose.
Please love, guide and protect me mow and always.
For my highest good and the highest good of all.
Thank you. I love you. So be it. So mote it be.

Ask humbly and respectfully to receive intuition and inspiration. Be alert to any flashes of inspiration or images in your mind. Your spirit guides are always there for you.

2. Relax!
Don’t try too hard. Relax any tension in your body or your mind and ask for help if you need it. Let your mind drift, in an ‘automatic pilot’ type space that’s most receptive.

3. Stop second guessing!
You have to trust in your guidance. The minute you start judging the words that flow, the connection will stop and you will find it difficult to receive guidance. Trust your intuition and act.

4. Practice, practice practice!
Practice your intuitive gifts just like any other skill. With practice your intuitive gifts become stronger meaning it’s easier and requires less concentration to tune in to spirit. With time and practice you will naturally tune in all day, every day!

5. Journal
Write down the dreams, visions, signs, synchronicities that stand out in your day. Keep a journal so that in time the threads will become clearer and you will be able to track your guidance. This also shows your Spirit Guides you are listening and accepting their guidance.

6. Implement lifestyle changes
Listen to words of advice from spirit to improve your ability to be a clear channel. This includes changing your diet, attitudes or behaviour. Processed foods and chemicals create static that disrupts communication with spirit. Follow the guidance you receive.

7. Test your guidance.
Ask for signs. Ask your guides to tell you things that will happen in your day or ask for a sign to show you they are watching over you. Spend the day keeping an eye out for their message. With this type of exercise you will build trust through validation. Prove that you aren’t just talking to yourself!

Be mindful not to be too prescriptive on how they will give you a sign. Relinquish any attachment to a specific outcome and live with a level of uncertainty. Attachment is based on fear and insecurity, while detachment is based on an unquestioning belief in the power of your true self. Intend for everything to work out for your highest good and in the highest good of all sentient beings. Spirit Guides love to be surprising!

8. Gratitude
Express your gratitude and love towards your spirit guides. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and honoured, spirit guides are no different.

Exercise: Telephone in your Heart
– When you have gone to bed close your eyes and take 3 long deep cleansing breaths through your mouth. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose only.

– If thoughts come into your mind, observe them but do not follow them. See then as clouds passing in the clear blue sky of your mind.

– Put your hands on your heart and take 3 long, deep cleanings breaths, focusing your attention on your heart.

– Tune in to your heart (it will get hot and full of sensations) imagine you have a big old fashioned telephone sitting in your heart. What colour is it? What does it look like? This is a telephone that can call Spirit.

– In your imagination pick up the receiver and imagine you have put it to your ear. Ask to speak to your guides. Pause and wait for a guide to pick up.

– Ask to speak to your chosen spirit guide, angel or ascended master.

To begin with you might not feel a change energetically but know that a guide is there and speak. “I ask that the information I receive is for my highest good and the highest good of all. Can I speak with my guide please.”

Listen for a reply. Start by telling your guide how you are feeling. Wait for them to be a subtle shift in energy. Know that your chosen guide is there with you, speaking on the other end of the phone.

– When you hear an answer start to ask questions and accept the first answer that pops into your head. Echoes or subsequent answers tend to be your inner voice or ego trying to butt in.

Begin with fairly standard, easy yes/no questions and wait for a response.

Be aware of any intuitive hints, bright ideas, flashes or creative thoughts that may cross your mind. They will rise quickly and leave just as quickly so it’s important to notice and acknowledge them however subtle they may be. You may hear them in your mind: or you might hear, see or feel them.

If you can’t hear them or the line has interference explain this to your guide and tell them you’ll try again later. Ask them to respond to your questions in other ways throughout your day so that you know they are with you. Tell them you love them and you want them to love, guide and protect you. Put the receiver down. Tune in to the subtle shift in energy and feel the difference in you guide’s energy compared to your’s. Over time you will learn their energetic signature and will recognise when they are around you.

With practice it gets easier to shut down these other voices. When you are finished thank your guides and hang up the phone. Gratitude is incredibly important so always ensure you thank your guides.

Working with your spirit guides or angels is a two-way communication. It is an effort for your guides to communicate on this dense earth plane. You may experience some ‘minor technical difficulties’ like static as if your guide is trying to communicate on a long distance hone line. It takes practice on both sides. Just be patient and tell them what you are experiencing. EG. “I can hear a high pitched scream. Please lower it as it’s hurting my head” or “Can you speak up please. I can barely hear you.”

Art by Joey Cortez (aka Hottwax on Instagram)

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves

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