Spirit Guides & Intuition

Who is in Your Spirit Team?

I believe that we all have spirit guides, guardian angels, spirit animals, archangels and ascended masters assigned to us irrespective of our religion or culture. Ascended masters are not restricted by culture. That’s why so many westerners feel drawn to follow Hinduism or Buddhism despite their Christian upbringing. We have all had soooo many lives!…

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How Easy is it to Communicate with Spirit?

I really love what I do. I particularly love helping people discover their own intuitive gifts and what they’re capable of. I had a session with a guy recently who described himself as having a spiritual awakening. He was going through a period of unprecedented, accelerated growth and was grabbing every opportunity with both hands!…

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When Spirit Guides Intervene

Spirit guides are usually unconditionally loving and are not invested in an outcome. They love you and accept you no matter what. They are there for you and don’t see that there’s any wrong choices in life – so long as a choice is made! Of course, as with everything in life, there are moments…

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