I believe that we all have spirit guides, guardian angels, spirit animals, archangels and ascended masters assigned to us irrespective of our religion or culture. Ascended masters are not restricted by culture. That’s why so many westerners feel drawn to follow Hinduism or Buddhism despite their Christian upbringing.

We have all had soooo many lives! We have all experienced so many different cultures and religions! So we are so much more culturally diverse than we give ourselves credit!

I have a real affinity with Hinduism but I’ve also lived in the Near East amongst muslims so I have an appreciation for Islam as a lived experience away from extremism and propaganda.

I personally consider Hindu gods and goddesses as Ascended masters. I believe gods and goddesses are individuated personalities you can speak to and form relationships with. I’m not sure whether they all once walked the earth and became renown for their spirituality but I like to think so. After all, look at the way all religions idealise and mythologise real living saints after they’ve died.

I have heard a story of the Green Tara who was a highly regarded yogini. Nearing the end of her life she was congratulated for her achievement and told that she was so advanced all she needed to do was to return to earth as a man to become enlightened! This riled her so she has stayed in Spirit to coach and champion women to reach enlightenment!

I believe everyone has spirit guides, but not everyone connects with them. It is a choice. It’s up to the individual who they feel most drawn to connect to. You might gravitate towards high vibration beings who are with them at the choice of their soul. Some may not resonate their spirit guides (who tend to reside in the astral plane) and guardian angels. There are so many Spirits just waiting for the opportunity to assist. This includes their personal spirit guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses or any of the other high vibration beings who offer us their guidance. This includes the wise and very talkative Pleaidians and Arcturians.

As we grow and mature, and as our needs shift and change, so do our Spirit team. Where once we resonated deeply with our Spirit Guides, if we become a hands on healer we might find angels showing up by your side instead. I’ve certainly found that although my spirit guides are always by my side I tend to communicate more with other high vibration beings these days.

This year I learned to connect with Durga and Kali Ma. I speak to them and they respond. They are my teachers. Last year I was approached by Quan Yin, who’s become another assistant when I go into Spirit for Readings. These three powerful women have called me to them and demanded I pay attention! Yes Kali is the least subtle! Quan Yin is coming through more and more often to offer support and guidance to my clients who are really practicing to raise their vibration and delve deeper into themselves.

Life is hard enough without absolutely knowing a team in Spirit that have your back! It’s the same as building any relationship – trust is developed over time through shared experiences and proof that they have your back.

Your chosen spirit guide can have such a powerful, intimate close bond with you. They can experience more with you than any other. They can also expose you to experiences that offer you healing on such a deep level.

When you have absolute implicit trust in your Spirit team then you will know they have your best interests at heart. You will willingly do whatever they say, no questions asked.

As one of my gorgeous clients wrote recently “Yes I feel that I implicitly trust my guides. And the best thing about it is that there’s no end to it. I’m always going to be learning and growing and they are always going to be learning and growing with (or without) me. So there will always be opportunities to take my trust to the next level, to create even stronger, more intimate relationship with them. When I’m reluctant to follow their advice, or rather their inspiration, insights and hints, all I need to do is be honest and tell them what’s going on. And just knowing that no topic is off-limits to them and that I don’t have to care about what I sound like when talking to them is incredibly liberating.”

Your Spirit team are your no.1 fan club! Spirit guides are usually unconditionally loving and are not invested in an outcome. They love you and accept you no matter what. They also support and protect our free will so fiercely! They try not to freak us out! So the guidance is often in easily digested, bite sized pieces. They are there for you and don’t see that there’s any wrong choices in life – so long as a choice is made!

It takes time and patience to build this close bond. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’m is a blossoming friendship built on mutual respect and love. Absolute unconditional love! I hope you have the opportunity to experience this connection in your life!

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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