I really love what I do. I particularly love helping people discover their own intuitive gifts and what they’re capable of.

I had a session with a guy recently who described himself as having a spiritual awakening. He was going through a period of unprecedented, accelerated growth and was grabbing every opportunity with both hands!

Still, I had realistic expectations of what he could hope for. You see, I was guiding him to meet up with his mother who’d died when he was 11 years old and then we were going to connect and communicate with any astral entities present to help them transition to their next right place of expression.

I wasn’t expecting his intuitive gifts to be active and so I wasn’t expecting he would see (clairvoyant) hear (clairaudient), feel (clairsentient) or have information popping spontaneously into his head (claircognizant). I thought the experience would be wondrous – going into Spirit and meeting souls always is! I wasn’t expecting it to be easy for him.

I think he was blown away when he called his mother to him AND SHE CAME! He described her looking healthy and beautiful, just as he remembered her, with a big smile on her face. She was so happy he could see her and connect with her! 

I assisted him to create a clear connection so communication could be easy and gave him a few conversation, started to get the ball rolling. I offered him to open his heart and tell her all he needed to say to her. I asked him to then wait for a response and to say it out loud so I could write down exactly what she said to him. 

This mom’s replies were both beautiful and heartfelt. She was one wise mom! 

He did so well! Through the tears, he spoke all of her relies out loud so I could write them down for him to have as a record afterwards. 

If only we could bottle the whole experience! Nothing compares to firsthand experience. 

But at least the words would give him the rush of remembering all that he felt and saw. I wrote over a page of replies from his mom! Wow! That’s amazing for a beginner!

We went on to have incredibly profound conversations with three others. He saw, felt and communicated with them all. We worked together for almost 2 hours. That’s a long time to concentrate and communicate with Spirit. No doubt, he’d have felt pretty exhausted afterwards. 

So the answer to my question? How easy is it to communicate with someone in Spirit? What about loved ones who’ve died? Can you connect with them? How easy is it really? The answer is…

Easy when you know how!

I use a gentle, easy process that helps you communicate directly with spirit for yourself. I am there every step of the way, walking along side you and helping you whenever you need.

Having a trained professional with you helps ease the connection and makes this process so much smoother. I use my own high vibration and intention to hold sacred space and allow the process to flow smoothly. There’s less mind clutter and interference. You are less likely to be distracted by fear or doubt. 

I offer incredible experiential sessions to connect with anyone in Spirit, whether it be deceased loved ones, astral entities, earthbound spirits, Spirit Guides, angels, Archangels, or ascended masters.

After you have learned how to connect with Spirit for yourself and have gained the confidence to, you can practice whenever you want. 

After your session, the channels of communication are open and you are free to explore all that Spirit has to offer! 

Can you communicate directly with Spirit? Do you want to learn how?

If this resonates and sounds like something you’d love to experience for yourself then contact me for more information.

Art by Freydoon Rassouli

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