Spirit guides are usually unconditionally loving and are not invested in an outcome. They love you and accept you no matter what. They are there for you and don’t see that there’s any wrong choices in life – so long as a choice is made!

Of course, as with everything in life, there are moments when your Spirit guides are desperate and willing to be more forthright and offer their opinions.
Sometimes those opinions are really hard to hear – especially when they run contrary to what you want! It doesn’t happen very often but it does happen. Life is hard enough without absolutely knowing a team of spirit guides have your back! It’s the same as building any relationship – trust is developed over time through shared experiences and proof that they have your back.

Your Spirit Guides can have such a powerful, intimate close bond with you. They can experience more with you than any other. They can also expose you to experiences that offer you healing on such a deep level. When you have absolute implicit trust in your Spirit Guides then you will know they have your best interests at heart. You will willingly do whatever they say, no questions asked.

This is what I experienced with a Temporary Spirit Guide. Temporary Spirit Guides choose to enter your life in periods of dramatic, often heartbreaking, change to assist to transform and process all that is occurring in your world.

My Temporary Spirit Guide had a beautiful nurturing quality but she was also a fairly hard task master who put me through my paces for years until she was satisfied with my progress and retired. This wonderful Temporary Spirit Guide came through to assist me in one of the hardest periods of my youth. It was wonderful in hindsight but at the time it was absolutely heart wrenching!

This Temporary Spirit Guide was with me for one purpose and one purpose only: the breakup of a five-year relationship and to prepare me for the arrival of my life partner. We would hurt each other, there was a lot of confusion and game playing and life just became one big drama. It wasn’t an easy relationship and wasn’t looking like it would get easier. If anything things had deteriorated over the years.

My Temporary Spirit Guide began by pretty much chanting “leave him” whenever I meditated or tried to sleep. She was relentless. It went on for weeks. It was like having something on my ‘To Do’ list I’d forgotten and that niggled at the edge of my mind. Oh yes that’s right, I needed to leave him!

I had been with this guy almost 5 years. We were engaged. We were also deeply unhappy and in a pretty co-dependent dysfunctional relationship I’d already tried to end over and over. But I kept being lured back. He was a lovely guy. We just weren’t mature enough to figure it all out. We got sucked back into the same old patterns.

So I left him. It was horrendous. I felt bereft. It was like ripping out my own heart. Breaking up was agony. I suffered the heartbreak of failed dreams and the rip of losing him in my life. He was a lovely guy. I knew in my heart of hearts it was the right thing to do but I still missed him like I was causing myself so much pain…

So I gave it one last try much to my Temporary Spirit Guide’s horror! That lasted about a month before I eventually made the break once and for all. Fast forward another year on and I’m returning to New Zealand…to see whether there was a future with my ex!!

By this stage my Temporary Spirit Guide must have been ripping her hair out and ready to give up on me! But to his credit, my ex wasn’t interested and although polite he made it plain it was time for me to move on. I did everything I could to disconnect us energetically; a cord cutting and talking to him on a soul level. But I still felt such deep grief.

Reliving Past Lives
In order for me to fully let go my Temporary Spirit Guide spent a year feeding me the highlights of past lives together. During meditation, I was given visuals in my mind’s eye, like watching a film, that offered a quick few seconds of footage before it halted as if paused.

The most significant was a seemingly idyllic life in Syria towards the border with Turkey in around 781AD. In this life, my ex and I were married (a betrothal agreed upon by our parents). We had two children. But our simple, happy life was torn apart when armed Turkish marauders arrived on horseback.

They raped and pillaged our humble village. They left my beloved and two children for dead and dragged me back with them to be a slave for the rest of my life. Our village was famous for textiles or rugs (I just saw the loom set up in each home) and they were sick of paying for them. This was just a way to get slave labor to work the looms.

For an entire year, I witnessed a film of our happiness and contentment being ripped apart in vivid detail. It wasn’t just a visual journey. I felt it all. I relived it. It was an intense full body experience with each new episode revealed. It was incredible all the emotions that came to the surface that I had to process. The most harrowing details were omitted with only the knowledge of what had occurred and the heartbreaking aftermath.

My spirit guide strove not to overwhelm me so sometimes it was a frame, sometimes a few seconds of action. It was horrific! I experienced this life slowly unfolding in order for me to have the time to process it all.

By the end of the year I understood. I had processed so much. All that was left was the final thoughts I’d had as I left my body. When I died I felt so bereft, so lost and betrayed. I felt like all ties had been severed to all the people I loved. There was blame – for the Turks and to God for allowing it to happen. I felt so betrayed.

Letting go of this life meant forgiving all the wrongdoing of the invaders, myself and finally God. This was deeply healing. It was also a huge release and gave me so much understanding around my ex and releasing our bond in this life. Our sacred contract was left incomplete. We had not succeeded in creating a healthy living relationship in this life.

Understanding the past life connection with my ex meant I was no longer fighting the deep soul sadness I felt. By releasing the pain of separation from the past life I was able to see that it was actually not such a hellish rip this time around – it had been a conscious choice and for our highest good.

This Syrian past life made sense of my experience two years earlier crossing the border from Turkey into Syria. I’ve already written about the wave of emotion I experienced entering Syria several years earlier, but it wasn’t until there was a context for me to need to heal this life that it was brought up to my conscious memory.

Having the support and love of my Temporary Spirit Guide was invaluable. She helped me so much. She gave me all the love and encouragement I needed to put my life back together again and release so much from my past. It was truly life changing. She was a harsh task master and dished out tough variety of love! But it was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track.

At the end of the year, she wished me all the best and bid me farewell. Her role was complete and apparently I was no longer needed her. I wasn’t happy to see her go! We’d been through so much together!

I will always be grateful to my Spirit Guides for the extraordinary role they play in my life. They have done so much for me and have always offered me such unconditional love and encouragement.

Art by Erica Wexler


  1. Ryan on December 7, 2017 at 1:56 am

    I wonder how you could see or re live a past life. That is interesting. I started keeping a better log for my dreams. I get depressed like i am being attacked a lot. It almost seems random earth bound spirits temporary attach to me in my sleep. Last few years it almost feels like i am experiencing other people’s deaths reliving random peoples deaths i dont know. I would like to know my past lifes or my soul purpose. I some what understand the astrology side of my life.

    • Debra Reeves on December 7, 2017 at 9:04 am

      Hi Ryan, wow it sounds like you have a lot going on in your nighttime. I wonder whether these souls are using you as a portal to transmigrate through? Or whether they just need to tell someone their story before they feel free enough to transition? Either way, you might benefit from my Spirit Rescue Course, so that you are trained to deal with them and respond in healthy ways to their advances.

      In terms of your soul purpose and past life, this is the joys of accessing the Akashic Records! The Akashic Records holds a Record if your soul- Past, present and future! Check out my Readings page for more information.

      If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact my by email debra.reeves@gmail.com

  2. Ryan on December 8, 2017 at 2:01 am

    Im not sure.
    I know sometimes im completely conscious in my sleep well enough to remember what happens. I think sometimes it could be a near death experience but ive gone a few times to the doctors and did sleep studies and everything always comes back normal and i am healthy. Ok sounds good thank you!

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