“I had the chance to work with Debra for an Astral Entity Clearing Session.

It has been a great experience for me, a turning point in my life.

Debra has led me through the session in such a way that I was able to become aware of subtle realities and to discover my intuitive gift. She applies a process-oriented approach to intuitive healing, which I have found empowering and grounding.

Right after the session I could feel that I had retrieved my life force; I could perceive my energy field more integrated and balanced. She has been able to tune in with me in such a way that I could feel supported when I needed to, but also encouraged to push boundaries beyond ordinary reality.

I have learned that Astral Entities are not necessarily negative;  what is negative is the disconnection we might have from our divine nature, that causes the loss of energetic boundaries.

Debra has taught me to reinforce my energetic boundaries in such a way that I could integrate my learning and expand my consciousness.

After the session, I was left with a sense that there is much more I can learn from Debra and probably I will go back to her in the future for further reading.”
~ Caterina, Italy.

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