“When Deb undertook a Career Reading for me I had no idea what to expect. I was very impressed with the range and depth of the reading. She gave me a broad and esoteric overview of my spiritual origins and key energy, which was both intriguing and affirming. The reading then got down to specifics as Deb consulted my spirit guides. This was probably the most valuable part of the reading for me. I felt quite overwhelmed to hear from my spirit guides so directly, as I have never explored this before nor considered the possibility of talking to them. The support, love and insight they gave through Deb was overwhelming and made me cry tears of joy. I am very grateful for Deb’s gift facilitating this contact. Deb also used dowsing to find out what career path would best suit me. It gave me some options to explore and let me know what is worth pursuing in terms of further training. I found this very helpful. I highly recommend a Career Reading for anyone at a cross-roads in their career, or anyone wondering if they have chosen the right career path from the get-go.”
~ Rebecca

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