Are you ready? Are you willing to step into the great unknown?
Do you want to have your own direct spiritual experience?

Are you hampered by self-doubt? Do you find yourself second guessing whether your imagination is just running rampant when trying to contact spirit? Do you have an annoying inner critic?

Don’t worry- we all have self-doubt! It’s a natural part of the process of unfolding. We all go through sudden and irrational bouts of self-doubt, especially if you are challenging yourself to be brave and explore further than you’ve ever gone before.

We have been taught to rely solely on our left brain rational selves rather than understanding the subtleties of energy and intuition. It’s all new territory at first, and depending on your upbringing and early influences this may be really challenging what you thought was true and real.

We are all capable of communicating directly with spirit. We are all born with the same innate abilities. Just like the five senses we are also blessed with other senses. We all have intuitive and empathic gifts: some just choose to develop theirs more than others. We are all intuitive. We are all born with eyes and ears and taste buds, with sensations on the skin and able to pick up the subtle shifts of energy in and around us. We all have these abilities.

Ok sure we’re all not destined to be a world class chef with highly attuned taste buds just as not everyone is destined to be a world class perfumer with a highly attuned nose!

And would we want to be? But we can all taste and smell! Sure there’s variations of experience. But we all have these abilities naturally. It’s how we are born.

As children, if we have been given the impression that you can’t see or hear or feel spirit then these innate abilities are shut down. As adults, we need to remember and rediscover these subtle senses. We need to practice and unlearn any self-limiting beliefs.

So what do you do about it?
Can you set aside your fears and truly embrace what cannot be described in words or theories or philosophies? Can you embrace Spirit in all of its mystery and magnificence? For us to truly explore this life in every level, layer and dimension takes great courage.

Here are 3 tips to embracing Spiritual experience:
1. First you must shed the belief that you know anything. If you come with your long list of beliefs then you will judge and criticise and be unable to approach what Spirit offers you with openness.

2. Next you must be vulnerable. Openness – again – is key. To be vulnerable and open is perhaps the hardest part because it says that you are open to the good AND the bad- open to all experience.

3. Lastly you must be curious: to have the curiosity of a child! This allows you to respond to whatever is offered by Spirit with a positive attitude: yes let’s!

This is how you can embrace Spirit and be truly willing and ready to have a direct experience of Spirit.

Without these 3 things you hold too many boundaries and barriers for Spirit to truly deeply connect and commune with you.

Explore Spirit with Confidence
How do you develop the confidence in your own intuitive gifts? How do you trust the guidance you receive? Is it just your wild imagination?!

The only way to gain self-confidence and trust in your spirit guides is to experience it and put any guidance in action. You can’t think your way there – it must be an experienced encounter that’s then confirmed and validated by your outside experience.

In my Meet Your Spirit Guide Session you explore your own intuitive gifts for yourself and really truly understand how easy it is to speak directly to spirit! This is how you realise you really aren’t just talking to yourself! I support and assist you every step of the way. I walk you through the process and gently assist you to truly connect with your spirit guides and communicate with them.

A Meet Your Spirit Guide Session is a wondrous and powerful healing that enables you to be reunited with Source and to reconnect with your Spirit Guide team who are there to love, guide and protect you.

I will support you every step of the way and assist you to ensure that you access your Spirit Guides gently and easily.

In this Session you will meet with your Primary Spirit Guide. Your Primary Spirit Guide acts as the spokesperson for your team and will convey messages for your current path. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you would like clarity on.

Your spirit guides are on your side, always offering you guidance that is for your highest and best good. Cherish your spirit guides as friends and mentors. They will use your strengths to your advantage. What comes easily? What are you good at? If you are a visual person (particularly if you are an artist) they will communicate using your clairvoyance- in vivid images and visual symbolism. If you’re a healer then you’ll most likely be naturally clairsentient. If you love to read, write or have a career in communication then it can come out as an ability to receive claircognizant – a divine download of information.

Develop absolute confidence in your ability to receive intuition and complete trust in their guidance. Join me for a Meet Your Spirit Guide Session to explore spirit for yourself!

We are all deeply intuitive. It’s just a matter of remembering and dropping all the fear, doubt, confusion and the stories we’ve been told!

Reawaken your subtle senses and renew a desire to explore the subtle side to life. Reconnect with your subtle self – your energy bodies, your higher self/soul, with your Spirit Guides, Angels and high vibration beings.

Drop the excuses and the self-doubt! Suspend judgment and tune in.

If you’d like to learn more I am offering a free 15 minute Skype consultation to talk about you and what you seek. Book your free consultation now!

Art by Mario Duguay

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