Sometimes we are held back from being who we truly are and expressing our power by fear. This fear can stem from a lack of self confidence that what we have to offer is ‘good enough’ or it can be a fear of standing out, the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ that to stand out means you’re likely to get yourself cut down to size. People are confronted by other people’s success, by other’s abundance or even by other’s happiness. If you live in a world of comparisons, judging others for what you lack, then you will not take kindly to others managing where you have failed to act.

Another very real possibility is that your fear is based on a past life. This could be an vow you made in that life or an oath you made as you left your body for the last time.

I have been guilty of fear of my personal power and I denied that I had anything of value to offer others. I have known for a long time that this stemmed from a life as a witch. Personal power is a massive thing to accept – that you don’t have to live small but can embrace all those inner qualities that make you special and unique. And different. Having had no flashbacks or confirmation, I presumed my past life was during the Great Witch Hunts that occurred from 1450-1750 where as many as 100,000 trials occurred with between 40,000-50,000 executions, about three-quarters of them women. All those involved would have been scarred regardless of the role; be it informant, witness, accuser, prosecutor, judge, jailer, spectator, executioner or victim. All would have irrevocably learned the lesson and learned it well: Conform. Do not speak your truth. Do not stand out. Do not hold beliefs different to the church or those in power. Beware your neighbours and those you trust.

But after going into the Akashic Records to request more information of my past life I discovered that I had had not one life as a witch but thousands of years of witchcraft. The most significant was in Ur, Babylonia in 1850BC. I came from a long line of witches even then, and had birthed into the same line over and over – so witchcraft was already ancient then! We were a rich and powerful family who controlled the masses and other wealthy families through clandestine ceremonies. As the eldest daughter, I inherited the role of spiritual leader and guide for the family. I was also in charge of the healing arts and the herbs used in cooking for the optimum health and well being of the family. We feared only God and the wrath that He could throw down upon our heads. We appeased Him with offerings and animal sacrifices. In return He protected us and our interests. Plagues of pestilence were a constant threat. The loss of crops meant starvation and death. We sought to prevent this fate from visiting our door by sending the disease to neighbouring cities where it wrecked havoc on the unsuspecting population. I was the unwitting pawn to my family’s whims and prejudices, sending down their wrath for even the smallest misdemeanours in order to prevent rebellion.

After my Past Life Reading I googled Babylonian witchcraft and discovered that it in fact existed from written evidence of the time. Witches of ancient Sumeria and Babylonia believed in a complex world full of spirits; most of them hostile. Each person had a personal spirit to protect them from demons and enemies that could only be fought using magic (including amulets, incantations and exorcisms).

Another website states that about 3,000 years ago Mesopotamian rulers and the elite feared that witches were working against them. It was believed that a drawing or statue carried the spirit of the person. Ancient records say that witches had the ability to use magic to cause harm to others by making an image of the victim and twisting the limbs so that he or she suffered (reminiscent of African Voodoo dolls). The threat of witchcraft was such that an elaborate ritual called ‘Maqlu’ (which means “burning”) was created to combat this perceived threat. The ‘Malqu’ was used in the region throughout the 1st millennium BC, dying off before 1 AD. What began as a 10 incantation ceremony evolved into a complex 100 incantation long ritual that lasted all night. “In the main the incantations and rituals of maqlu are directed against witches and witchcraft” said Professor Abusch. “The ceremony was intended to counter-act and dispel evil magic, and its effects, to protect the patient, and to punish and render ineffectual those responsible for the evil.”

You may think that this research is driven purely by curiosity. How could a past life possibly affect you now? Thousands of souls were persecuted as witches through the ages. It’s no wonder so many fear their personal power and fear being who they truly are. The Great Witch Hunt is only one of many devastating periods in history. Imagine what generations of souls are carrying from Nazism and the holocaust? So how do these past lives affect your current life?

We are affected by the accumulated lifetimes of our soul, some more than others. A past life can affect you in so many ways and often only makes sense when you know what the life was. Each person is as different and the cocktail of past lives lived. For me personally, I can now trace my most recent witch lifetime to a number of seemingly unrelated quirks such as apathy to gardening, herbal medicine, aromatherapy (I can’t even physically smell properly!) not to mention a repulsion of all things witchcraft and spells.

Unlike many innocents wrongfully executed during the Great Witch Hunt, I was a witch, persecuted for my beliefs and practices. In this life I have been downright fearful of sticking my neck out and going public with my beliefs and knowledge – look what happened to me last time! I had no intention of going down that road again! This fear of doing harm to myself or others, of being shouted at, ridiculed, tortured and persecuted for my beliefs, in the end has been a blessing in my work. I have had to shift these fears and beliefs and honour the shadow aspect of my personal power. I have a deep awareness and respect towards the power that spiritual knowledge entails. My ability to tune in to spirit and my intuitive gifts were no doubt already developed and honed in these successive witch lifetimes, making it far easier for me to remember in this life.

We all must shed the fear of our personal power and let go of our misgivings of how we will be received by others in order to step forward bravely and humbly into the light to accomplish the work we were born to do. The great thing about being born now is that it’s ok to be a fringe dweller, to be different. Sure, some sectors of society might not embrace your beliefs but you won’t be persecuted or executed! We have an unprecedented level of personal freedom and independence in this age. Celebrate it!

In order to be true to yourself, let go of past life beliefs to integrate the shadow aspects and find the strengths and life lessons learned and integrated into your soul. You are a Being of Love and Light. It is time to shine your light for all to see.

As part of an Intuitive Reading I investigate any potential blocks, including those caused by past lives. I not only explain where this life was (period and geographic location) but I also ask for specifics to understand why the life was significant and how it affects your current life. It is fascinating what comes through. Everyone has experienced so many past lives with every possible life. We have been man, woman, victim, villain, selfless and selfish people wrapped up in our own world. With this in mind, it is important to remember that wanting to know every single past life you ever lived is hazardous if not crippling. We have enough to deal with in this life without trying to sort through and process every past life as well! It’s important to be selective. Awareness is often all that is needed to bring issues and patterns into perspective, to release blocks and to resolve the past life.

To learn more about your most significant past life and how it affects your current life, contact Debra for an Intuitive Reading.

Post Note: While I wrote this my eldest son started talking about how much he enjoyed pointing while shouting “Witch! Witch!” Coincidence? Doubtful! I asked him who he was and he said he was a man who wore all black with a black rounded hat. I showed him an image of a puritan and he said “Yes that’s me!” with total conviction. He lived in England, and spent his life hunting one particular witch from village to village! That would be me! Aren’t past lives amazing!

Art by Aaron Paquette

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves

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