“To start off… Debra, I bow to you, in a ‘magnitude of gratitude’. Thank you thank you thank you for being You. Prior to this program I was a train wreck (although I didn’t acknowledge it haha). I was in a mundane routine of ‘surviving’- a pattern of ‘go with the flow’ while mindlessly floundering in a paralysing space that felt ‘outside’ of myself- a space that I allowed to thoroughly exhaust and deplete me. I felt overwhelmed, homesick.
This program has lovingly brought me back towards home/center and it’s reminded me, as in Debra’s words, “You are a divine spark connected to all that is”.
Through this guided and healing process, I’ve embraced a greater sense of self and self-love. I’ve grounded into feeling more alive and steadfast in my sovereignty. I’ve established stronger (more tender) connections/bonds with my loved ones, Spirit and Nature. I’m gradually settling back into my organic skin, taking time to explore and digest all the new awareness and feels that continue to unfold. Trusting myself, and the Universe, through this life changing process has proven to be one of the greatest gifts.
Tuning-in to the Universe’s heartbeat is a never ending, beautiful story. It’s a magical adventure that I’ll continue to spiral my way through for the rest of my cosmic life, being ever so loved, guided and protected along the way! So Blessed!”
~ Alison

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