“I have been seeing green-white smoky lights when I close my eyes, 2 days after this reading. I see these every day now, and my Primary Spirit Guide tells me it is his way of showing himself to me. He gives me answers (yes or no) regarding day to day issues by moving to the left or right of my vision. He also gives me yes – no answers when I use my crystal pendulum.

He has confirmed that we’ve had moreover than 100 earthly reincarnations together, as lovers, rivals, friends & family. He tells me that he will always be with me, as we are soul mates.

He told me he’ll be with me when I pass into Spirit, and will guide me.

This a great comfort to me at this time, when I’m struggling to make sense of my life after losing my mother, father & husband.

I want to thank you so much for facilitating this meeting with my Spirit Guides.”
~ Victoria

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