“Intuition! You know already what you are doing. Just do what you do. Watch the trees, the birds. See and hear all that is around you as symbols for the greater knowing. That is all there is to know. You do not need a thunder clap or a voice telling you what to do. That is not guidance. Guidance is gentle and insistent. We are always with you.” Primary Spirit Guide (quote from an intuitive Reading).

Intuition occurs when your inner and outer worlds align. I believe everything is interconnected; we live in a web of life that creates ease and flow for all those living in Oneness. Everything is energy. When you experience intuition in your life it is validation and confirmation you are on the right path. Everything feels like it’s unfolding without conscious effort on your part. You may feel like you’re held in the hand of God (Source, the Universe) actively assisting you.

To tune in and respond to your intuition is to join an interconnected web of life, to join the flow of all of life. It is an amazing and life changing experience. The universe is a reflection of an underlying spiritual reality; all phenomena express a deep, profound truth and principles. Phenomena are a signature and can be deciphered for its subtle significance. God, (the universe, Source) only teach us one step at a time. Intuition is that in the moment nudge that directs you.

All events and phenomena are elements of a supremely ordered whole. The elements of daily experience are intimately interrelated with no event or situation accidental. Even a seemingly trivial occurrence can unlock a greater pattern of meaning: the passage of a bird through the sky, the appearance of lightning at a critical moment or overhearing a remark by chance, all take on greater significant within the specifics of your life. By noticing and understanding the meaning from each phenomena you’ll receive exactly what you need when you need it.

What could possibly organise phenomena in your external world in such a profound and meaningful way? Jacob Needleman in ‘A Sense of the Cosmos’ discusses the uncanny symmetry displayed throughout nature’s ecological web: “Whenever we have looked to a part for the sake of understanding the whole, we have eventually found that the part is a living component of the whole. In a universe without a visible center, biology presents a reality in which the existence of a center is everywhere implied”. In ‘Soul on Fire’ the author Peter Calhoun, a shaman and ex-minister, experiences this firsthand: “Every rock, every sagebrush, every lofty pine and blazing aspen, as well as the mountain itself, was bathed in a yellowish-gold light connected to luminous threads. I felt as if I were enveloped in soft down. ‘This is not a vision,’ I said to myself. ‘I am seeing the world as it really is!'”

I know the Universe has my back and only wants what is for my highest and best good. I feel divinely guided through my intuition and held in the palm of God’s hand.

Intuitive Guidance
Intuition is the most common form of spirit guidance. Intuition does not necessarily stem from your personal spirit guide team or guardian angels. Often it is this web of life, this universal consciousness. I tend to act on intuition rather than wasting time trying to discern who is communicating. Attaching a personality to the intuition isn’t necessary or helpful.

Intuition exists in all of us whether we are aware of it or not. We are all born with the same innate abilities. If your parents were aware of their own intuitive abilities they probably acknowledged yours as a child. If your parents were unaware they may have ridiculed or discounted your intuition, causing you to shut them down by the age of eight. Often these gifts are forgotten so it takes practice to remember how to tune in. It is easy to give and receive and is the day to day mode of communication with spirit. Spirit relies on this to help show you opportunities as they arise.

Spirit chooses imaginative and creative ways to speak volumes using symbols, jokes and puns much like poetic or dream language. Intuitive information comes through loaded with profound meaning. Often intuitive guidance only makes sense with time as circumstance proves the wisdom of their nudges. Intuition is meant to be responded to, often spontaneously. Your logical mind really only reveals a fraction of the truth of any given situation.

Intuitive Nudges
Intuition is a mechanism for growth. It can mysteriously open up new opportunities that offer you the ability to transcend outdated or self-limiting ideas or beliefs. Life is much more than materialistic survival or an intellectual reliance on faith. Life is spiritually dynamic.

Intuitive nudges are the best way to discover your higher path and purpose. The Universe offers you tiny steps to set you on your path. These steps are given in the form of intuition. These tiny steps assist in showing you in the now how to create change that will lead you to a more authentic life. Imagine if you knew what was going to happen in six months without knowing all the steps needed to get there? Imagine the stress you would feel! We are given information in easy to swallow, bite-sized pieces so that we can process and assimilate each step easily before looking for more. If you follow the prompts and complete the first step then you’re given the next set of instructions for the next step. Step by step you’ll be given the steps all the way to manifest your intended goal.

There’s no such thing as failure in the eyes of spirit, only taking the long way round. If you don’t complete one of the divinely guided steps you’ll feel stuck as if you’re spinning your wheels in the mud. If you feel blocked, ask yourself “What piece of divine guidance have I been repetitively receiving but have ignored?” Are you fearful of making a life change that is necessary before you can continue on your path?

Types of Intuitive Guidance
Guidance can appear in many different forms both internally and externally. Depending on how developed your intuitive gifts are, these messages will come in myriad forms. We receive this information in the form of repetitive thoughts, feelings, visions, dreams or words that confirms you are headed in the right direction and encourages you to act. Intuition can also come in the form of a small, quiet voice inside that tells you the truth of an external situation, event, person or the truth of who you truly are. Start looking for subtle signs in your daily life.

Intuition can come in the form of:
– Conversations in your head
– Day dreams or visions (clairvoyance)
– Information popping into your head from nowhere (claircognizance)
– Physical sensations (clairsentience) such as goosebumps, tingles, butterflies in your stomach, (also called gut instinct)
– A small, quiet voice in your head that isn’t yours (clairaudience)
– Feelings
– Inspiration
– Dreams
– Serendipity
– Synchronicity
– Symbols
– Signs
– Patterns

Just stop a moment and tune in to what the message is. Be open and pay attention but most importantly acknowledge that spirit is communicating with you. Anything that stands out, that draws your attention, is worth becoming consciously aware of. Take notice then tune in to understand the message being offered by spirit. You won’t always understand the message until later. What is important is your conscious awareness of the sign from spirit and acting on anything that is called for.

Exercises to Improve your Intuition
The more you tune in the more you can use your intuition for decision making or to avoid people and situations that are not for your highest good. By experimenting following your intuition you’ll be able to see whether your intuition is accurate and helpful. Over time you will discover that your intuition is an incredible source of insight far beyond anything you could possibly deduce yourself. With proof comes confidence and faith in your intuition.

Exercise 1: Everyday Manifestations
Use your intuition in everyday situations. Practice using your intuition for the smallest everyday reasons. For example, tune in to your intuition when driving. Use all your senses to surround your car and try to feel your way. This will seem a bit weird at first, but driving with conscious awareness is wonderful for ensuring you are loved, guided and protected all the way. I have missed many car accidents because I slowed down when asked and missed cars careering around blind corners towards me. I’ve also been known to change lanes and even change routes because my intuition set off red flashing alarm bells in my head! I tend to just do what I’m told these days, without question. I no longer need to know whether it was necessary because my intuition has helped me (and saved me!) too often to discount.

My three children are young. For them all of this spiritual stuff is a breeze. They believe me so implicitly nothing I say is second guessed. Nothing. Long may it last!! For as long as I can remember I’ve been setting my sons little tasks. I have taught them intent and how to ask for what you want by giving them easy exercises. Their strike rate is good. I mean, really good! They know that if they put their minds to it they will receive whatever they ask for, so they do.

Some of the ways we use this:
– Ask for a car park using positive intent
– Win raffles using Intent
– Choose which lift will arrive first

Visualise exactly what you would like to manifest. Vsualise it in as much detail as possible using all of your senses. See it in your mind’s eye as if it has already occurred. Feel the excitement and gratitude you would feel. Know in your heart that you have received it.

My family left a fundraising party for a school in Cambodia a little embarrassed when I suggested my kids choose a prize. We walked away with not one but two of the biggest prizes. My youngest was so sure of his success he was already on his feet before his chosen prize was announced! We left heralded “the luckiest family ever” by the other party goers.

Exercise 2: Psychic Ties
Imagine a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Imagine talking on the phone and having a long overdue catch up. Tune in, take three deep breaths and think about your friend. Imagine greeting them and telling them how great it is to hear from them. Imagine this in as much detail as possible using all of your senses: the sound of your friend’s voice and the way it makes you feel.

Imagine a small thread like a phone line that transcends any distance between you and your friend. Feel your excitement to hear from them run through this line in the form of white energy. Do this a few times. See whether you receive a call or email in response. If it is taking too long imagine a newspaper or calendar and choose the day you would like them to call.

Exercise 3: Body Sensations
Tune in to your body. Scan your body and find any areas storing tense, restless or agitated energy. Ask out loud “What is this energy trying to tell me?” Then answer out loud. Just say whatever pops in to your mind. Acknowledge your intuition out loud and let it sink in.

Exercise 4: Receive an Answer to a Problem
Imagine yourself in your happy place in nature surrounded by beauty and wonder. Imagine this place in as much detail as possible using all of your senses. Enjoy the peace and serenity of this place for a few minutes. Explore it.

Imagine a treasure chest nearby. Feel your excited rise as you approach the chest. You know that whatever is inside the chest is your answer. Take a deep breath and open the treasure chest. Let your intuitive mind guide you. You might receive a very clear answer or you might get a symbol that doesn’t make logical sense to you. Know it is exactly what you need. Trust that it will become clearer over time. Over the next few days be open to feelings, songs, conversations or any synchronistic events. Be patient. If you feel frustrated or try to force an answer you will block the flow of intuition.

Art by Adam Scott Miller

Article by: Debra Reeves
Professional Intuitive
Facebook: Tune In with Debra Reeves

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  1. Jo on October 13, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Thanks Debra for the reminder of the gifts and abilities I have, but I so easily forget. I keep searching for answers that are already within me, but I am just not listening!

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