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How to Attract Abundance

Welcome to the new year! How has the new year celebrations and reflections been for you? If you’re anything like me you’ll have spent a lot of time reflecting on your successes and failures of last year: to see what you want to attract more of – and less of! My achievements last year would…

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What a Difference a Year Makes

In 2017 my focus shifted from professional intuitive/Akashic Record Reader towards spiritual coach/healer. It was such a subtle shift I didn’t even notice it happening! It began by creating a Tune In Session – to coach clients one on one with the help of their spirit guides. This was one part spirit guide message and…

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Are you Under Psychic Attack?

Are you under psychic attack? Do you have a poltergeist or unexplained paranormal activity? I have plenty of helpful suggestions to help you help yourself. If you have had an Astral Entity Clearing with me or read my blogs you’ll know already how I feel about this term “psychic attack”. For those who aren’t familiar…

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