Life on Purpose

Spiritual Practice

The spiritual path is not a destination. It is a journey through ever changing terrain. I continue to learn and explore for myself and am returning to India to participate in 12 days of a retreat from mid February to early March. My own personal and professional development continues! Chameli Ardagh has become my most…

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What’s Holding You Back?

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‘What’s Holding You Back?’ is for you if: Speaking your truth feels scary! Feel ruled by your fears and insecurities You feel triggered often by other women You feel a compulsion to shrink back, to contract and hide. You tend to self-sabotage – so debilitating! Something holds you back from standing in your personal power.…

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How to Attract Abundance

Welcome to the new year! How has the new year celebrations and reflections been for you? If you’re anything like me you’ll have spent a lot of time reflecting on your successes and failures of last year: to see what you want to attract more of – and less of! My achievements last year would…

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