For 8 weeks I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Debra Reeves in her How to Live Your Life On Purpose program. I knew I was meant to work with Debra and did not give a second thought upon signing up for her program.
I was at the point in my life where I was experiencing extreme lack of motivation, insecurity, loneliness and despair in my personal life and my career. I struggled with identity issues and also with the idea about how I was going to live the rest of my life in a meaningful and impactful way. I always knew I was meant to be someone important. I loved the idea of using all of my life experiences, talents and gifts with the world but I was so afraid of showing up and believing in myself.
As a perfectionist and as a yogi I realized I was doing the opposite of what I could do to live a life filled with extreme love for myself, acceptance and peace. I was living a life of extreme self criticism and lack of acceptance and lived life from a fantasy mind set point of view. I knew I needed someone who had been in my shoes who could help me in the areas I had been struggling with.
In this program I learned how to be more grounded and in touch with my body and how to accept the things I couldn’t control and enjoy the things that I can. I learned that I have many talents and I learned to let go what no longer was working for me. I gained wonderful relationships with other women that were also in this program that will be there for me forever.
After the program ended I was a bit saddened, but Debra reassured me that she and other woman would always be there to support me. Debra really cares a lot about the woman she works with. In this program, I felt safe, loved and accepted always.
Whenever I feel I need to ground myself or I need a bit more of inspiration I go back and review all of the videos, meditation recordings and my notes from the program to get my back to feeling reassured and connected to my heart and my body so I can walk in my life with confidence, ease in grace. I would complete this program all over again.
Thank you Debra for sharing your gifts with me. You have a way with words that make anyone feel so special and important. There was one moment in the program where Debra spoke to me as if she had been channelling messages from the divine through her into me it was very powerful. I will never forget how nurturing it was for me that day. Debra has many gifts and whomever gets the opportunity to work with her is extremely blessed because you will learn a lot! Thank you Debra!”
~ Kalyan

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